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It is a fact that most women who do the same jobs as men get paid less than their male counterpart. This can be proven in many ways such as jobs regarding medicine, for example, male ophthalmologist makes 36% or about 95,000 per year more than a female working the same job and hours.even in professional sports. Carli Lloyd a member of the USA women national team (aka The USWNT) spoke out  in an interview with 60 minutes, also at the interview trying to encourage equal pay is Becky Sauerbrunn, Morgan Brian, Christen Press, (who are current USA women soccer players) and Hope solo the former Goalkeeper for the team. Carli said, ” We feel like we are treated like second-class citizens because they don’t care as much about us as they do men.” In 2005 and 2013 they wanted me agreed to a consistent salary of up to 72,000 a year and bonuses for wins.( in the case of a win they earned 1,350) They get health care and maternity leave. The men earn as much as 17,625 for a win. You can also compare the women’s team keeper to the men’s team keeper, Hope Solo was paid 366,000 in total for a year, while Tim Howard was paid 399,495. Hope solo commented, “When you break it down per game, I think it’s 3 times as much.” Morgan Brian said “We have to win and perform in order to even make 1,350” In the interview, Carli was asked if she thought her team should be paid more than the men and Carli Lloyd replied with  “Yeah, absolutely. We win. We’re successful. We should get what we deserve.”  Both teams have won the World Cup yet in 2015 the women were paid 2,000,000 while the men were paid 35,000,000 in 2014. And it is also a fact that in the US. the women’s team is more popular than the men’s team yet the women are paid less. According to the British broadcasting corporation 35 out of 44 sports award prize money. Fiona Hathorn the director of advocacy group women on boards said: “we are making progress, but it is happening at a glacial pace.” Real Madrid received almost 18 million for winning the last championship league while the women that won Lylon got less than 300,000. As you can see this pay gap is often large and very unfair, the women work just as hard and can be possibly more successful than a man working the same job. Relationships between Males and females and their pay is dismissed as a little issue, yet it is something that needs to be addressed because it is unequal and should not be stood for and all the facts point to the fact that people that do the same thing whether male or female should be paid equally for the amount they work. For example with the Hope Solo and Tim Howard pay gap US Soccer should either pay Hope Solo more so equals Tim’s or pay Tim the same as Hope Solo. That way everyone is happy because it’s equal no one gender should be treated as superior because they aren’t.


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