It originated from, but findings of it have dated

It isn’t known for a fact where makeup first
originated from, but findings of it have dated back to 164,000 BC. Scientists
have found traces of charcoals, rocks, flowers, clays and dozens of other
components in the powders and pastes discovered throughout the years. It is
believed that the purposes of these early cosmetics were used for skin protecting
and to pronounce ones facial features more prominently. Throughout history,
both women and men have used makeup for many purposes which will be illustrated
in the work to follow.

            The first known
evidence of people using makeup was discovered deep inside a cavern in South
Africa. There were several dark, reddish tinted powdery pigments in small bowls
on the ground of the caverns. There were also small, round balls of yellowish
pastes in other bowls against the empty walls. Scientists have dated all of
these discoveries back to around 164,000BC and quite possibly, earlier than
that. The importance of these historical findings has been recognized in almost
every era, up to this point in time. Early natives all across the nation have
used earth based makeup techniques to display rank or dominance in their tribe.
Images of animals, plants, or other natural formations would have been
displayed anywhere on their skin. This impact on history has caused an eruption
of popularity in the way makeup has been utilized from then to now.

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            Makeup has been known
to consist of many unique materials. Scientists and cosmologists alike have
marveled over the unique utilization of iron rich clays for lipsticks, burnt
almonds and
charcoals for eyeliners, or chalk to brighten their possible dark spots. The
list of unusual ingredients goes on and on from toasted foods, to ground up
ores. During a 6,000 year period, Egyptians were creating the basis for
eyeliner, Grecians were using different soil mixtures for skin foundations, and
the Chinese dynasties were discovering that they could use Arabic gum, gelatin, beeswax, and an egg mixture for
the purpose of staining their fingernails. The world was swiftly evolving in
the way people sought out their ideal
image of themselves.

The early invention of these cosmetics was
purposed as a way to express oneself and or their rank in the tribe or group
they lived amongst. Later down the time line,
cosmetics were used to protect a person’s skin from the harsh weather or
sunlight they received daily; this technique was mainly focused in areas that received harsh weather
conditions. After people discovered some of the uses their pastes, clays, or powders
could do, they began to experiment with them more, and eventually realized they
could use them to better their own image. Farther down the time line, queens and even kings used makeup on
a daily basis just to be the best them that they could be. Chalks were used to
brighten under eyes, pressed, pink powders were used to tone their cheeks, dark
blacks or blues were used around the eyes to bring more attention to them, the
possibilities with how they did, and you can use makeup are almost endless.

All the way back to 164,000BC up until
today’s modern dates, makeup is used in almost every day situations. Woman and
men alike wear it to their own heart’s contentment. Instead of mixtures of
clays and charcoals back when makeup was first introduced to our history, the
mixtures now consist of more chemical related
things, and makeup has become its own industry which currently has a net worth
of over $265 billion. The cosmetics and makeup
industries have been expanded to hundreds of different companies and brands
that sell all similar products to millions of consumers worldwide. From simple
scratch makeup powders to billion dollar
industries, the introduction of makeup has had a huge impact on the history of
our world.