It one of its most important partners, Qatar Airways.

It is important to note that, in both partnerships, employees across the organization were encouraged to engage and contribute to the cause. The success of the partnership is the desire to adapt and learn from one another. Save the Children was able to harness the technical expertise, as well as funding, that GSK can provide in addressing child mortality.  GSK introduced new capabilities such as change management methodologies to Save the Children through training. In 2014, 18 employees undertook secondments with Save the Children offices through GSK’s skills based volunteering program, PULSE5. On the other hand, Save the Children engaged GSK’s global workforce and helped retain and attract talent. According to the Partnership Progress Brochure, GSK and Save the Children conducted a mid-term review of the partnership to understand the successes, challenges, opportunities and risks encountered to date; and inform the future of the partnership6. The mid-term review entailed quantitative and qualitative assessment which included interviews from 29 employees from both organizations. In a similar effort, Bulgari arranged project visits to some of their staff. The site visits had life-changing impression on them and cultivated a sense of belonging and created greater enthusiasm for the fundraising efforts7.  Communication and approach Effective non-profits treat their donors like shareholders, giving them honest appraisals of their performance and soliciting their feedback. It is important to establish a swift internal process to provide partners with a quarterly or bi-annual update on how their donation is being utilized with an agreed level of details and information. When communicating with a corporate partner, it is important to “speak as partner, not supplicant”8. Although this communication is internal, the strength of the communication of Save the Children with their partner is demonstrated through frequent events and publications of the results that the partnership resulted from.  Both, GSK and Bulgari have a webpage dedicated to the partnership that contains information about their achievements and commitment to the cause. EAA has room to improve EAA’s website presentation on one of its most important partners, Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways page for its partnership with EAC is problematic because it references EAA only once at the end of the page and it does not have content about the cause or impact of contributions.  Recommendations for EAA  Partnerships carry the most promising potential for EAA’s growth and international recognition. EAA has set ambitious goals for the organization which require substantial funding to make these goals a reality. The benchmarking exercise leads to 4 main recommendations. Internally, EAA can refine the definition of partnerships and shift towards being a “project creator”. Moreover, investing in impact evaluation is an internal action that feeds into an external action which is engaging stakeholders.