It known Kiersien Robinson to be an energetic, conscientious,

It is my
pleasure to write on behalf of Miss Kiersien Robinson, an Anthropology student
with a focus on forensic science, as a candidate for ____________.    During
her time here I have been consistently impressed with her dedication to this
field of study and her hard work.


I have known Kiersien Robinson to
be an energetic, conscientious, and focused young lady. Kiersien is every
professor’s dream of a well-rounded student. She possesses grace but firmness
and an overwhelming confidence in her abilities that radiant’s in abundance.

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Ms. Robinson is a leader and she
has consistently demonstrated those attributes in the many positions and
organizations she’s assumed beginning with becoming President of the Women of
Respect, Achievement, Perseverance and Service organization where she focused
on the development of young women and the development of the greater
Gainesville community. She presently serves as the community coordinator chair
for the Gator Chapter of the NAACP and a dedicated volunteer for PACE Center
for Girls.


In addition to those high profile
positions, Kiersien continuously serves the greater Gainesville community by
volunteering at the C.A. Pound Human Identification lab.  The C.A. Pound Human Identification
lab is a scientific, academically based
forensic anthropology laboratory engaged in service, research, and teaching.  Kiersien’s initial responsibilities included
performing___________________.  After demonstrating that she could perform
these skills consistently and proficiently, she was invited to return
during the summer semester. 


The CAPHIL lab is an exclusive experience within the
Anthropology department; therefore, only a selected few of the universities best
students are allowed to participate and perform in this role.   Kiersien has also devoted a great deal of her time
to the Minority Aids Project and many more organizations. She believes in
leading by example and is highly revered by her peers and teachers.


Kiersien believes “she’s
been given so much that she has to give back.” In addition to all these
extracurricular activities, Kiersien has demonstrated exceptional academic
performance in all of her endeavors and especially my Human Osteology course.


Furthermore, Kiersien is the
epitome of maturity, respectfulness, morality and

determination. As her professor,
I wish I could clone her. Possessing the characteristics she has, is no doubt
in my mind she is going to be major contributor to the world. I recommend her
for any endeavor she desires to aspire because her determination and discipline
is remarkable.