It kill him. It wasn’t his fault said, George.

It was getting dark and there was no sign of Lennie anywhere. Nobody knew where he was except George. He knows. He knows where to find  Lennie was but he couldn’t tell anyone. He wished he could but he didn’t trust anyone expects candy but he is not here so he had to keep Lennie’s location a secret so he could be safe. .It’s getting dark he said we should go back he said trying to get the another’s stopped looking. for Lennie.  No Curley said in Heavy voice. We are not going back unit I see his dead body.  Come on! They kept searching but still, there was no sign of Lennie. We should go back. We will look for tomorrow we are all tired said, Carlson.  Everyone started to head back. They return back to the barn where Curley’s wife was.Curley sat beside his wife and said I will not let him live he said.  I promise I will punish him for what he did. I will kill him. It wasn’t his fault said, George. Please, Don’t hurt him if you want you can hurt me but please don’t do anything to him.  he deserves punishment said, Curley. Other guys agreed.  Then said him to prison but don’t kill him said, George. Please, he is innocent. No shouted Curley. He killed my wife. we are not gonna rest until we find him.  George knew he has to do something. He has to save Lennie.  An hour past and it was almost Midnight and everyone was really tense about finding Lennie and killing him but George was worried if Lennie was ok. hope you are alright he said. Don’t worry I am coming.  George steeked out. it was really easy for him to steeked out because everyone was busy preparing for Curley’s wife funeral.  George quickly ran to the Salinas River where Lennie was waiting for him.  Lennie was sitting on the fallen tree. The only thing he was could keep in his head was, ” I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to do another bad thing”. Lennie moved to the ground, bringing his knees up to the chest and his arms around them while his back was resting against the tree. I didn’t  mean to, ” he repeated while his voice edged with uncertain sadness. “George ain’t gonna tend no rabbit, I ain’t gonna get to”.  Lennie wished he could explain to George what happened. To tell him it was an accident. He will understand right said, Lennie. Of Course, he will he knows I can’t do this on purpose. Will he understand he asked himself?  Lennie didn’t know George could hear every word he was saying. George moved quietly move to Lennie. Lennie, I know you didn’t do this on purpose. I know you and you can never kill someone George said. Lennie didn’t know how did he felt when he heard George. He was happy to hear George’s voice but also too guilty to look up George’s eyes. He wasn’t sure if he should run up to him ask for his forgiveness.  I am sorry George he finally said. He was really ashamed of what he did and he just couldn’t look up to George. It’s ok George said. You are not mad at me asked Lennie in Shock.  No, Lennie, I am not George started but Lennie you can’t keep doing Bad things. We will have to run every time like we did in Weed.  I didn’t mean to Lennie trailed off. What are we going to do now? he asked. We are going to run George said. We are going to go somewhere really far where they can’t find us. We will have our own farm and we will have a lot of rabbits Lennie said happily. No, you have not said a strange voice. It was Curley with the other guys. We are not going to let this killer leave not alive at least Curley said. George, you should hand him to us we will spare your life he continued talking. You should not risk your life for this murderous. He is not a murderous George shouted. I didn’t mean it  Lennie said. What you didn’t mean it said, Curley. You killed my wife. My dear Wife, he cried. Please, George said. He didn’t mean to do it please George cried. They started moving towards Lennie and George. George and Lennie moved back slowly. But how did you find us said, George. We were keeping an eye on you George. What do you think we trusted you no George We knew you will go see Lennie said, Curley. They kept moving forward. Lennie George whispered. You have to run. When I  say go you run ok. But Lennie said. Just run George said we have a gun. He slowly showed his pocket where he hidden the gun said, George. Go said, George. Lennie began to run. He turned around and see George trying to block the guys so they can’t get to him. Go George kept shouting.  Lennie continues running unit he was far away from George and other Mens. You made a really big mistake Curley said. You have to pay for what you did. Curley pointed his gun at George’s head. Now you will pay for your friend’s deeds. Do anything to me but don’t do anything to Lennie George said. Please!  Curley reached to the trigger and was ready to pull it. He was going to pull it but suddenly someone shouted Stop. It was Candy.  What is it Curley said.  Please don’t kill him. If you will kill him you will have to go to prison. Please don’t do that crime. Let the police handle it. No Curley said.  I will kill him by myself. He got his hand back on the trigger.  No please said, Candy.  Please Don’t let the police do their jobs and George didn’t do anything then why do he get punish. Because he helped the murder escape. I had to help him escape because if i didn’t you will kill him. Well now you will be in this place said Carlson.  No you are not said another strange voice.  It was Lennie. What are you doing! Go run said George in a loud voice.  No Lennie shouted back. I am not going anywhere with you. Lennie ran towards Gorge.  Curley kept this gun on George’s head and his fingers on the trigger while other Pointed their guns towards Lennie. Lennie finally reached George and stand beside him while now everyone was pointed on them.  George whisperer Lennie. Yes Lennie George whisperer back. We are going to die right Gorge he said.  George didn’t say anything. At last George said Lennie I can lose you, because if i ever did I’d have lost my best friend, my soul mate, my smile, my laugh, my everything. Then you are going to get out of here together whisperer Lennie.  Together said George. Together repeated Lennie. George took the gun out of his hand and grabs Lennie’s hand and he began to run. They were running really fast. Behind them  Curley and and his men was trying to shoot  them but was unable to get them.  They kept running not looking back. What are you looking at go get them Curley said to the men’s.  The man started to follow George and Lennie but George and Lennie were too fast for them. They kept on running  to catch up with them and then they stopped.  George and Lennie turned around and saw they was no one following them so they stopped. They were really tired after that run and decided to stop and rest. We did it Lennie said. Yes Lennie we made it replied George. Now what asked Lennie. Well, we will start over again George said. We will start looking for a new job and this time Lennie you will listen to me you are not going to cause trouble. Promise me. I promised said Lennie. And if did i am not going to save you said George.  George you are my Best friend said Lennie. Lets go we will start over again said George. They started to walk.  Where will they journey will take them next but they know that they will always stay together no matter what.” There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”