It is my honour to recommend Vikram Singh Bundela

It is my honour to recommend Vikram Singh Bundela for
matriculation into the Graduate program. I have had the pleasure to know and
work with Vikram for one year. He worked with me as a Programmer Analyst for the
Cognizant Technology Solutions in Coimbatore, INDIA.He is working in Cognizant Technology solutions since 18 months
where he worked with me in Healthcare System Team for our client, CVS. In this
span of work Vikram emerged as a passionate learner who performed his commitments
with competence. He has excellent analyzing abilities, which he portrayed while
handling various project requirements from our client and has a strong command
over technical skills, which were visible, when he applied these in STLC and
SDLC.Vikram brings all of his activities energy, enthusiasm, and
commitment. This is to be expected in any successful member of an
entrepreneurial organization, and in this regard, he fits in well. Be it in the
knowledge transition and requirement analysis, the crafting of cases or the
establishment of best practices with an emerging technology, Vikram consistently
delivers quality results for our organization. This speaks to his overall
intellect and ability to learn, attributes that will serve him well in
his graduate study.While Vikram is a relatively junior member of our organization
as measured by tenure, he quickly established himself as a go-to person in the domains
in which he has worked. He has been ever-willing to work with members of our
organization to share his knowledge and expertise.Throughout his time at Cognizant, Vikram carried out his
activities as a mature, experienced and self- directed associate. He has a good
communication skills and quickly established credibility with the client,
managers and colleagues. He is a good team player, has good interpersonal
skills and got things done in an effective and efficient manner. He
demonstrated a high work ethic, a ‘can do’ attitude and openness for learning.
He is self motivated and showed flexibility taking on other technologies. He
took pride and accepted accountability for his work. His overall performance is
good.Vikram Singh Bundela is a valued member of our organization whom
we have learned we can rely on, regardless of the difficulty of the task to
hand or the novelty of the challenge. His combination of intelligence,
commitment, perseverance, creativity, and a compassionate character will
certainly make him a valuable member of any academic program.

I encourage you to look favorably upon
his application.

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