It is difficult to find a person who is

It is difficult to find a person who is absolutely sincere with others. We are not always ready to share our secret dreams and demonstrate emotions . People have the right to their little secrets, but problems begin when a person tries to deceive himself. His mind and heart “conflict”, soul harmony disappears.Where to begin?It is difficult to stop lying to yourself if you continue to philosophize and ignore the obvious truths. First of all, you need to recognize the problems and clearly identify your shortcomings. This process can cause negative emotions, but otherwise you will not be able to change your life. Write down all the points that you want to change by points, and opposite each one, suggest a solution to the problem.Talk to your inner self, ask yourself questions that you were afraid to answer before. Psychologists advise to conduct a simple experiment – to write down all the answers, and a week later to enter into a dialogue with your “I”. Comparing the answers, evaluate how far you have progressed and what you still have to work on.If you want to stop lying to yourself, you need to develop self-control. Accustom yourself to notice your own errors and honestly admit your flaws. This will help you take responsibility in your own hands, change your life.If you want to be extremely honest in front of you, you can not leave questions without answers. But superficial judgments will not help you change your thoughts and emotions. Many things, understandable by default, cease to be obvious if you try to discern their essence.Hasty answers can make life easier, but often they are far from the truth. Harsh reality destroys the air locks and changes the emotions of a person, makes him admit his mistakes. This entails a spiritual crisis, which gives an opportunity to reassess life. After such shocks, a person begins to understand why it is so important to tell the truth.Realize the true emotionsPeople often condemn themselves for emotions. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept your feelings, it is easier to deceive yourself and to believe that you always experience only “decent” emotions. You need to learn to accept any of your feelings – then the desire to lie to your inner self will disappear.It is important to listen to yourself, respect the feelings, even if they bring negative emotions. A man who denies his spiritual impulses is half dead. If you do not respect your feelings, others will not be treated with them either.Human emotions: disable the self-defense mechanismThe emotions of a person who wants to meet other people’s expectations are contradictory. His body includes a mechanism of self-defense. Let yourself be yourself, keep your individuality. Once you try to adjust to someone, immediately remember your own interests. Do not make excuses and do not dissemble, admit your imperfection and work on yourself.The other extreme is the complete denial of other opinions, except for one’s own. Unwillingness to hear others is another symptom of self-deception. A person hides his emotions and goes “into a deaf self-defense”, afraid to destroy his ghostly world.Adequately assess your abilities