It information. 4-notify the decision. If the patient luck

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act to keep patient information private and don’t disclose it, confidentiality is required to gain patient’s trust to
the physician and expect the health condition information of him will be safe
and not exposed. The confidentiality must cover all person health data include previous,
present and future health, all diagnosis acquaintance, who give the therapy and
which hospital or clinic. Patient health record must be in protected place
electronically or manually to prevent disclose it. To disclose the information
should take the permission of the person.
A patient who gives the consent should have the ability to make the decision,
all patient who is 16 years old and older have the capacity unless who have
some problems like mental illness. The patient must give the permission without
any pressure. The consent should be written in consent formula and the patient
should sign which must be dated. To confirm the capacity the person must has the ability to :

the public speech. 2-know the usefulness to share the information. 3-Know the
risk of share the information. 4-notify the decision. If the patient luck the
capacity the best benefit of him should consider in sharing of his information
and not all his information shared with his relatives for example if the
information sensitive the professional must decide how much of patient input should shared.

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who don’t have the capacity a
father or mother. can give the consent
instead of him and the patient advantage should be considered. The
confidentiality of patient must include all patient health information like
photographs, audio, diagnosis, and
treatment. There are certain individuals who can access patient record, the patient himself, health care providers like
doctor and nurses, professional who asked for deliberation and persons who the
patient give permission to disclose the data with. There are some situations in
which the access to a patient record may limit if the input results in harm to the patient for example if the patient has  intellectual problems. There are some situations that the
care providers should disclose the patient data such as in if it influence the public health if it is  required by law, in public benefits
conditions first ask for consent and can be  exposed regardless of the  agreement to safeguard the public interest, terrorism.
In the deceased patient situation, obtain
the patient record is limited unless for
a personal fiduciary and person who has a claim due to death. If you have
requested to disclose deceased patient information you should take in mind if
the information will bring harm someone else or affect patient’s relatives.
There are some condition where the patient information has to disclose
1-research. 2-dangerous crime that
affects the national safety. 3-public security. In
the communicable disorders, the
information must be private and secure unless if it affects the public health
it should be uncovered for the public
benefit so the professional has to expose
it and some information should consider being
protected. In sexually transmitted diseases, the professional must agitate with
the patient to share the information with a sexual
partner of the patient and take the consent if he does not agree it has
to be shared with the partner because it
has the right to know. Take in mind that if the patient
is a child and discovered to be abuse
this information must be shared to protect further damage. Benefits of
confidentiality reliance of patient to doctors, patient tell his symptoms
without stress and in confidence way, improves professional patient
relationships. The medical records of the patient
have to keep it in a high level of
security and safety electronically or manually and avoid unnecessary access to
it even by who has the right to do. The
professional and employee must not talk about how to access or how it works with
anyone unless it needs to.


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