It Government Schools: Nowadays it has become very important

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the future of India or
any other country lies on how well is the education system of that country.
Hereby, if you see the statistics of the education system in our country then
you will notice that there are approximately 500 million people who hardly have
access to education. There are so many mind blocks that occur as a hindrance
for the Indian Education System. Hence, pursuing a professional degree isn’t
that important but basic education as to how to read and write is a basic need
for the society These days there are so many scams in the field of education in
India just like how the marks in CBSE Board Examinations are increased; such
cases make the society question the intellect and the intelligence of a student.
India is unsullied on counts of the economic measures including the foreign
exchange reserves and once the school education system of India improves, our
country will reach to a great height because lack of education also causes lack
of employment. There are certain ways how to the school education system of
India can be worked upon, these ways are under mentioned:

1. Effective
Education Law:

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Every citizen of India has been given a Fundamental Right
to Education but it has been so effective in India because the citizens are not
well informed about their fundamental rights and duties. The government must
work on making this right more effective by increasing the awareness of the
schemes and by making some minute changes in the already active schemes.

2. Betterment
in Government Schools:

Nowadays it has become very important for the government
schools to take a major step in reforming the education system as India
constitutes villages and semi-urban areas, parents anyway are always in double
minds whether they should enroll their children in government schools or not.
Various changes should be made in government schools such as the
infrastructure, teachers, etc.

3. Open-

Open- schooling can also be known as alternate education
and this plays a major role in the improvement of the education system of the
country. Open- Schooling must be given more importance as compared to its
condition today, it focuses on Vocational Training, Life Enrichment and
Community Oriented programs besides academic and general courses.

4. Reservation:

This is one topic which is controversial. Removal of the
quota system will bring a major change and improvement in the education system
and if this cannot be totally eliminated then caste should not be the deciding
the factor but the economical condition can be the deciding factor because due
to the quota system there are so many students who don’t get chances for
admission in nice government as well as private schools.

5. Technology
Based Education:

Smart classes should be conducted in all the schools
rather than bookish knowledge since this is the era of Technology, teachers
should be friendly with computers and must have clear methodologies. Practical
knowledge is becoming the need of the hour because a child can always retain
what he sees and hears in his/ her memory rather than what he reads.


As compared to the ancient times there has been a major
change in the education system but still some changes can always be made in the
system which will benefit the country. 
However, these are just few ways to improve the education system, there
are more ways on which the government can work. Hence, there is always scope
for a better school education system in our country, India.