It gay Muslims. Nur knows the Quran by-heart and

It was in the year 2010 when Nur Warsame came out as the country's first gay Muslim leader.Now an openly gay Imam, he plans to open Australia's first gay-friendly mosque within thecoming year. Little does he know that he is opening a safe space for thousands of young peoplewho have been excluded permanently from their families and have nowhere to turn.He plans to convert an old building in Melbourne into a gay-friendly mosque and also a centrefor counseling and help for gay Muslims. Nur knows the Quran by-heart and used to lead amosque in Melbourne until he was ostracized from the Islamic Community when he revealedhis sexuality.His idea is to provide healing and address issues like homelessness, addiction and self-harm. Hebelieves that Australia is not the only affected country but it is a worldwide issue. He also thinksthat the problem starts when people are not able to reconcile their sexuality with theirspirituality. He has been planning this since the past four years and has received favorablereplies from the state government. The fundamental cause, he believes, of the boycott ofhomosexuals from religious places are certain religious texts present in the holy scriptures thatlabel homosexuality as a sin.The Queer Muslims of Sydney have welcomed Imam Nur's plans with open arms. A fewdevoutly religious members of the group had been recipients of violence from people closest tothem and believe that once the mosque opens up, they'll have a safe place to practice theirreligion without anyone questioning their presence because of their sexuality.The place where Imam Nur plans to build the mosque will also be close to a few useful services.It will have medical facilities nearby and there is also a police station in the area. Currently he islooking for options for funding the mosque. He also believes that one day he will be able tocarry out Muslim gay weddings at the mosque, but for now, it is a distant dream.