Israel of the land and who controls it. Since

Israel is a formally recognized Jewish state, more importantly, the only in the entire world. The Palestinians/Arab population originate from the land Israel controls, and claim it as Palestine, and desire to establish a state by that name on all or a portion of the same land. The Israeli-Palestinian issue is conceived of who gets what piece of the land and who controls it. Since the UN declaration of Israel as a nation in 1947, conflicts between the Palestinians and the Israelites have remained relatively hostile over the ownership of the land, including key points such as the West Bank (60% of the West Bank is under Israeli control.), The Gaza Strip (Under Hamas terrorist group), and Jerusalem. The Jewish population occupying base claims to the land of Israel on these specific premises: Firstly, God promised the territory to Abraham; secondly, the Jewish people originally settled + developed the land; thirdly, The UN granted sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people and lastly, the territory was settled FAIRLY in DEFENSIVE wars. The Palestinian people base their claims to the land of Israel on these premises: The Israelites forcibly took the land, they say, and therefore want to reinforce their link to it by having the UN recognize the State of Israel as a Palestinian national state. The central argument of the Palestinians is that since they never had a choice or decision regarding the creation of Israel, they refuse to accept Israel.After WW2 ended, a mass exodus of Jews from Europe began gradually moving back into Palestine, and soon after, over half the area was settled by Israelites who needed land to cultivate and live on. After a UN Declaration, Israel was formally recognized as a Jewish state for refugees migrating from Europe. A few months after this announcement, 5 Arab States, with no particular order: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority attacked Israel, as they did not accept the UN’S decision. Backed with American weaponry and technology, Israel defended over a span of 10 months until a peace agreement was signed, and Israel occupied more than 60% of the Arab land, triggering a significant demographic change; forcing more than 700k Palestinians to flee or face getting expelled from the land that Israel now controls. As well, over 860k Israeli refugees were expelled or fled from the now Arab controlled lands.Simply put, the Arab world MUST recognize, Israel’s right to exist. The  Arab-backed states cannot point towards using UN resolutions against Israel while ignoring the UN decision to create Israel. However, one condition that must be accepted is that Palestine will not become one whole state or state at all. The culture and descendants of the Israelites have bled and fought and defended these lands FAIRLY, and will not give up any land to benefit the Palestinian region. A one-state solution under Israeli leadership and a political system based on Jewish values are simply put, the ideal way to ensure a basic protection of democratic values and minority rights. Additionally, with the Israel one state-policy; Jerusalem would be the capital, it has been our capital since 1949, we’ve won every war thrown at us, it’s where our government is, we should get to choose where we want our capital. So to emphasize, Israel must become the officially recognized name for the region, essentially combining the Palestinian region to become one state.