Is the end of the month? No, it is

Is it enough just to
work in a working place and to have a pay sheet at the end of the month? No, it
is not. Because then it will benefit only to the employees but not for the
business or the working place. Either the working environment is vast or little
it must be driven by proficiency and accomplishment that show itself as
substantial outcomes for the association. Less profitable information sources
and lower productivity levels will undoubtedly influence the business and
endanger its maintainability and survival. Employee
productivity is a major concern for employers and for lower productivity cannot say employee are at fault entirely. A
considerable measure of it has to do with the environment at the work place,
and the work conditions along with a series of factors that define the work culture.
Employers have to implement wide spread changes in their setup to enhance the
productivity of their work force. Employee talent is significant resource for a
company or organization, and it needs to be tapped to its fullest by keeping
the labors motivated to perform and convey the outcomes they are qualified for
and capable of. Employers may often believe that once they have recruited the
best ability in the field, the results will unavoidably take after. Not
necessarily, if you look beneath the surface to see the environment this talent
works in.

So, to have a good environment to work in lean management
is a must. Lean management is a systematic method of waste minimization. One form of
having lean management is to implement 5S. Most of the
studies have conveyed that 5S system will increase efficiency of operations from 10 to
30%.Through this method companies such as Toyota,
Harley Davidson reached their pinnacle of success  Each step or process within this system can
have a number of benefits. So in today’s world most of the companies
have tend to include 5S system in their day today routings. So companies can
easily get maximum work place efficiency to achieve company goals. 5S
is a concept of quality improvement technique developed by Japanese people. The
original concept of 5S was developed in the early 1960’s. 5S is referred for
five Japanese words. Those words are five keys to a total quality environment. The Japanese have been widely practicing 5S
technique and believe it can help in all aspects of life. So, practicing of it
is an effective technique which can improve efficiency and quality of a working
place. Those five pillars in 5S concept stand for: Sort, Set in Order, Shine,
Standardize and Sustain or in Japanese, Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and
Shitsuke. The objective of a 5S program is to get products closer to operations
and workers, sorted out and labeled to eliminate wasted time and materials. The
5S philosophy is “a place for everything and everything in its place,” and
helps to remove the wasted time, wasted space and wasted inventory.
Implementing 5S raises item quality and enhances work productivity, resulting
in lower costs and higher efficiencies.

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“Sort” is a process of removing non-essential
item from the workplace. This task is not always simple, as work areas have had
years to build up items that are not necessary for completing the job. By excluding
any duplicates, unnecessary tools and equipment, infrequently used items and
trash can achieve success in this process. 
Examples of items that need to be sorted are extra tables, benches,
cabinets, tools, inventory, cleaning supplies, rags, and documents etc. All of
these extra items just get in the way of efficient production.  After recognizing those non-essential items
as either waste or “valuable but not critical” Store the non-critical items
outside of the workstation area. This saves time, space and labor costs,
while improving the productivity. In the 5S concept next process is the “set in
order”. This is the process of organizing the remaining items after the “sort”
process is completed. Here,
whatever equipment is considered critical to the operation must be sorted out. By
assigning positions for all equipment, work in progress and for raw materials,
will make reaching them easier and as well as identification and proximity to
work surface in mind as you work. The aim is to maximize the efficiency of the
workstation layout. On a smaller scale, it’s the same concept as warehouse layout.
The most frequently utilized tools should be the most convenient to
grab. This eliminates wasted time from excess motion and searching.

So, after this stage there will be a place
for everything and everything will always be in its place unless it is being
used. The third “S” in the 5S concept is “shine”. It is a way towards cleaning
the work area and any machinery or equipment in it. By following this process,
always all the things will be at your reach when needed. A clean work
environment is a productive workspace, and the Japanese key word Seiso
literally means “to clean or shine”. By cleaning the walls, the floors, the
equipment can ensure that all the items are in their own correct place. Next in
the 5S process is “standardize”. This is a process of making previous three S’s
processes in everyday standard procedures. For example, if a machine is to be
cleaned at the end of a shift, it should be done each and every single day
without fail. Can execute the process with the help of signs, banners, shadow boards, tool
holders, etc. It is a must to make sure all workers understand their
responsibilities and are empowered to perform all the tasks. The last “S” in
the 5S process is stands for “sustain”. In this process should be properly
maintain a correct procedure to avoid backsliding. These steps should be
implemented in a continuous process. Commit to performing these steps in every
shift and make sure that any changes to your product or process are compensated
at your workstation and problems can be solve as quickly as they are created.

There are so
many benefits that can get from 5S implementation. If all the working people in
a working place follow the 5S concept correctly there is a huge chance for that
company to achieve their goals. And also the company will be able to give a
quality output as productivity of labors can increase through 5S concept. Some
of the benefits that can achieve can be listed as follows. Safety is one of the main
benefit that can achieve by executing
5S concept. As the workplace is kept clean and maintained on regular basis, the
proportion of germs and diseases due to the chemical usage is also reduced.
This also reduces the number of injuries that are sustained by the workers as
liquid or chemical spills do not go unattended by reducing the risk of falls
and slips. Further, as things are properly organized in their proper places,
the time to travel from one facility to another is also reduced and nothing can
get in the way leading to any kind of injury.  Waste Reduction is another important
benefit. Proper organization and standard labeling of
products help in the reduction of waste as workers know the right designated
place to place each item. Therefore the number of accidents that can damage the
goods is reduced thus reducing wastes. Productivity and maximum utilization is also
an important benefit. Proper organization also leads
to maximum utilization of space and resources as the unnecessary items are
removed which reduces waste and provides maximum workplace efficiency. In this
way less, time will be spent on searching for needed items thus ensuring a
continuous improvement in productivity. By succesful implementation of
5s system negative mind set of workers become positive and they work according
to a system which will result in ease of managing them workers would be more
flexible and be willing to changes and put up an effort to improve the quality
of the workplace 




A practicl way of implementing 5s system is to give the
opportunity to various divisions of the organization to work individually on 5s
system,this way a positive competition would arise within to be the best
division in organization 


The 5s system inorder to be
suucesfull it should be followed by everone. In the intial sate
leaders of the organiztion must set the tone and lead by example and provide
guidance  with the changes

Implementaion of 5s system would
not garuntee results over night so leaders must be patient with the system

 A commitment must be made at
the managerial level to provide employees with the information necessary for
getting the job done.  Likewise, field representatives must be willing to
relay their concerns to management without hesitation to 5S system to be
succesul so it’s crucial to have an effective commiunication



The end result of a 5S implementation is a
significant reduction in space needed for existing operations. So, workers can
improve their workspaces by cleaning and organizing them. Tools and materials
are labeled and stored in organized storage locations. Shelving and racks
optimize the storage of items in a smaller footprint, helping to improve the
order picking process by eliminating the need to search for items. So finally
it can conclude that by implementing 5S concept can increase the productivity
of labors as there are so many benefits that can get by following the process