Intro:Looking people around the globe without the need to

Intro:Looking around the world, we see social media everywhere.
It has become integrated into our lives in almost everyway. As someone from the
21st century, I prefer a world with social media.

As you have also
uploaded the nomination form of HT Scholarship online,  we now come to a point to question why would
anyone do it ? simply, because they want the masses to reach it.

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As we can see in our
life, social media brings alot of convenience. One of it is being able to
connect with people around the globe without the need to physically meet up. We are living in a time where the world is open to
us. We can contact anyone around the world, at any time, with just a few
keystrokes. It is free, unlike calling across the ocean, and live. We can also
share elements of our life, from what we enjoy to photos of ourselves and those
in our lives. It is like being a part of that person’s world, even though
distance keeps you apart but you are connected from heart to heart.

There are also causes and information.
Social media has made it possible for like minded individuals to discuss
important topics, widen their personal knowledge and discover things they never
knew before. For example, I have a blog of my own, there I am able to
share my poetries, poems and viewsand you actually get appreciated and
encouragedby people around the world.

This had
caused a lot of exchanging of opinions as people with different backgrounds
have different mindsets and perspective compared to us.It is these different in
opinions that cause the vast improvement in many aspects that we see in our
daily life now.

Although this world
is heavily influenced by social media and heavily relies on it for some aspects
of the society, could it be better without such influences? If you go back even
just 50 years, you can’t see such influences and you can see the massive change
on society, social media has had. what would the world be like without it,
without both the faults and incredible things it brings and would such a world
be better or worse?