INTRODUCTIONThe point of attainment.Some experts express the gains of

INTRODUCTIONThe interest in business is always huge for me, and therefore i always wanted to created this project based on a good coal company. I chose coal company because it’s a huge product inside the business circle around the world. and by my research experienced  looking through different companies, I see that employees plays the biggest part in the company itself, where the business actually rely on the employees so that the business  vision, mission and goals will be achieve. without the employees the company can’t run a business. so in this case the performance of an employee is very important, so that the company have to maintain the employee to keep them motivated and satisfied with the job that their been doing inside the company. Motivation is a human behavior that is done aims to get an achievement. That way, humans will behave according to goals because they want to achieve the result. This can be taken as an example someone wants to do the activity of eating due to feel hungry and want to eliminate hunger. That way, the reasons and goals all refer to human behavior to be motivated and from that behavior is able to produce a point of attainment.Some experts express the gains of motivational theory in many ways that affect a person working in the workplace. Motivational theory consists of a perspective on motivation itself, the types of motivation and factors in the organization, especially schools. Thus, it can be known the condition of each worker with the results of their respective performance. Job Satisfaction is when  workers would like to feel satisfied in working especially in the workplace. It is also expected for all companies to get good quality performance. The number of consequences of the performance of every human being has a variety of reasons, such as the securities of a person in the place of each geluti also the suitability of employees against their personal needs.In a company motivation play a huge part especially for all of the employees to reach their vision and mission. All the hard work and dedication that they are doing  would not be achieve without a great motivation. And not only to achieve the vision mission, and job satisfaction also to keep all the employee to stay and be loyal to the company that they work for and also that will build the chemistry between the employees one and other.  lot of employee left their company because the lack of motivation such as less promotion in work, not enough  increase in wages, office facility,  Thesis StatementThe main purpose of this investigation is to determine whether or not there is a correlation between motivation and job satisfaction the survey will be held in the the company that i have picked is my father’s coal company in north Kalimantan. Research PurposesI am investigating a  correlation between motivation and job satisfaction. I decide to use motivation and job satisfaction theories.Job satisfaction has a positive impact on the work of employees, especially in schools. Therefore, the researchers give conclusions from several theories that affect job satisfaction of a person when working into several indicators, it is, Comfortable with detailed job description, Acquisition of salary, promotion provided are fair and fair, and have good relation among colleagues.To support the theories im using the likert scale, H0,H1, chi square, validity and reliability, chronbach alpha, and regression formula.TheoryMotivationIn addition from Abraham Maslow’s phrase motivating factors has several supporting factors, as revealed by Sutrisno (2009, 116) is that every human being is capable of being influenced by two factors:Internal factor Internal factors that can affect a person in work are as follows:Every person would want to support them self. In order to maintain a suitable life, each individual will do anything to stay alive, both in their work and vice versa. A person would do this to support their everyday needs, such as clothing , food, and etc.(B) A desire to receive an awardTo achieve an award, a person willing to do all sorts of effort and all types of work to get what he wishes for and also being satisfied. The type of an achievement can be in a different such as money or trophies and others. So many workers are giving their best effort in order to improve their overall financial and also Some people believe that someone will be respected when he is considered the hard worker to support their life.C) Desire to have somethingDesires include the wants for objects/items. An employee’s desire to acquire something may motivate him or her to work better in a business. D) Desire of being approved as a well employeeThere are lot of people that have an assumption that an approvement is achieved when they get a good accomplishment. With that being said the desire of every worker at an approvement can happen from a good relationship between collagues and a good leadership by the boss,owner, manager and etc. and also in the other side, an effect from how popular the company are from the point of view of the community this will build up the confidence and the desire working in the company.External factors that influence how people act in the workplace include:A) Workplace conditionsThis factor influences how people act in the workplace. The conditions in a workplace have the ability to motivate workers. Conditions include available facilities, sanitation, relations with other workers and many more. Good conditions in a workplace encourage workers to produce ideas and be creative with their work.B) Adequate compensationCompensation helps motivate workers in all businesses. Compensation is one of the best motivators in encouraging employees to work well. If an employee is not properly compensated, he or she will not have the proper motivation to work well.C) SupervisionEvery employee needs supervision in order to be provided with the proper direction on how to work effectively. Supervision is often conducted by leaders in a workplace towards newcomers in a business. Without the proper supervision, a loss of motivation in employees can be observed especially if the supervisor and the employees are not on good terms.D) GuaranteesEvery employee has their own ideals that differently affect how they develop in the workplace. Some employees look to move from business to business in order to receive more experience. Some may prefer to stay in one business and receive promotions throughout his or her career. As such employees can be motivated if and when an organization provides the proper guarantees for its employees.  E) Status/ResponsibilitiesThe status of an employee or his or her responsibilities is also a strong motivator. When an employee is given more responsibilities and put into a position of leadership, it motivates them to work better.F) Rules in a workplaceThe rules set in place in a workplace is also important. Rules help maintain order in a workplace and ensures that employees stay on track with their work. A flexible workplace allows employees to be more free and as such acts as a motivator.Having desire to conquer Having a desire to conquer and being the best at an organization or company. They will do what ever it gets to get at the top of the organization and also to enjoy the  satisfaction that they deserve when being on the highest position and also conquer the organization it self, with that there will be some of them that will do inapropriate thing that not suitable in a company or businesses.Job satisfaction TheoryBased on the theory of job satisfaction in employe can be seen from several aspects, as expressed by Kondalkar (2007, 89) include: Job satisfaction can be measured by one’s emotional response to the work situation at hand. It can not be seen clearly but can be summed up through the level of employee behavior in a company.Job satisfaction is something related to the expectation of a reward or a result to get. If there is very little difference between the expectations with the work already done then the individual will display a positive attitude while working. Vice versa, if seen a high enough difference of the two things so that it can produce negative actions and the level of satisfaction will be low.Job satisfaction has a relationship with the dimensions of work in cultivation. This statement can be seen through the contents of the work, awards in the form of goods or words, the attitude of other employee, the presence of staff opportunities in developing himself inside a company to the provision of promotion and loyalty leaders in supervision with subordinates. Some of these things can generate job satisfaction in work.what is frequency frequency of a data is the amount of times the data value happen. as in example. if there were 4 students getting a score of 80 in bahasa indonesia, and then, score 80 is the one to have frequency of 4. the frequency data many times it self. represent the F.Hypothesis StatementH0: Motivation and Job Satisfaction are independent.H1: Motivation and Job Satisfaction are not independent.Population and SampleThe whole group from which a sample is taken. Example: you ask 200 randomly chosen people at a football match what their main job is. Your sample is 200, and the population is all the people at that match. After I investigate the data, the r test can be checked by:r=nXY- XYnX2- (X)2nY2- (Y)2=77(97289) – (2719)(2661)77(99523)-(2719)2 77(95587)-(2661)2255994(270310)(279278)0.9317r20.8681It is found that the correlation is r0.9317 or 93.17%. Hence, there is a strong positive correlation between Motivation and Job Satisfaction in family’s Coal Company. As the motivation increase, so does the job satisfaction within the employees. Also, the value of r2is 0.8681 or 86.81%. The interpretation will be 86.81% of the variation in Motivation can be explained by the variation in Job Satisfaction. We can assume, the other 100% – 86.81% = 13.19% of the variation in Motivation are may be by the other factors.Linear RegressionIn order to create a linear regression, I am using DESMOS its an app in the internet The graph will look like this:Using technology,X2calc 6.512p-value 0.688df = 9Therefore, as the p-value 0.688 > 0.05, we do not reject Ho. I conclude, that at 5% level of significance, the variables of Motivation and Job Satisfaction are independent.