IntroductionThe local brands that can be marketed in the

IntroductionThe objective of the research is to show why Tropical cooking oil is one of the best local brands that can be marketed in the Indian market. Tropical cooking oil is palm oil processed to be used as a cooking oil, it is known for its double filtration process which makes it have high omega 9 contents and allows it to not cloud after the first use. I chose this brand because Indonesia is the world’s number 1 producer of palm oil which means we have an abundance of it. It will be a successful product in the Indian market because India is the world’s largest consumer of palm oil and with Indonesia being the world’s largest producer there will be an adequate amount of supply to fulfill the demand. The product will be introduced into the Indian market through exporting because the palm oil fields is in Indonesia and it has to be processed here with Tropical’s standard which is the double filtration process. Although the price will slightly increase from tariffs, India’s middle class economy is constantly growing. Tropical’s local distribution mode is to use distributors to distribute their product from the factory that means that they employ a lot of external work force to distribute their product. With Indonesia being the highest producing palm oil country in the world and India being the biggest importer of palm oil, it is the perfect opportunity for Indonesian brand palm oil to enter the market. The most volatile factor is the price and that will be the decider whether this product can be competitive in the market or not.MethodologyData collection method will be through online sources both in English language and Indonesian language. Web sources used for the essay will consist of journals, research reports and interviews to name a few. Interviews will also be conducted with local distributors of tropical cooking oil to fully understand the distribution method of the product. These methods are perfect for the data collection method because there will be a large amount of statistical data to analyze and data from people with real life experience in the field making the data more valid since it’s from both primary and secondary sources.