Introduction:G ..Provide high takes 11 sec to 1.5

Introduction:G means Generation .Wireless network means communicate with anyone anywhere without having physical wire .The  cellular wireless network has a growth in each  generations.In each generation, it comes with new techniques and technologies,features etc.. which differentiate it from previous one.Generation of Wireless network:1 G(First Generation).2 G(Second Generation).3 G(Third Generation).4 G(Fourth Generation).5 G(Fivth Generation).1G technologyThis is the first generation of wireless cellular technology.It introduced in the year 1980.1g is an analog technology.Frequency :150 MHz/900 MHz.The maximum speed of 1g is 2.4 kbps.Bandwidth: 30KHz       Demerits:The phones had poor battery life and voice quality with less security. sometimes experiences dropped calls.     phone  size is large.It doesnot have data service to convert the voice into digital  signals.Roaming facilities is not available. 2G technologyIntroduced in the year 1990.2g is  a digital system and still used by many peoples in many place.Uses:    Transform voice with digital signalsThe maximum speed is 64 kbps.Bandwidth: 900 MHz Services: Short message service, picture message services and Multi Media Services(MMS).2.5 G  Technology2G technology with GPRS called 2.5g technology .so people can send e-mails and web browsing Speed: 64-144 kbps.Camera phones.Download songs, images from web.Demerits:Strong digital signals required to make the mobile phone work.Difficult to handle complex data such as video etc…3 G technologyIntroduced in the year 2000 .Frequency:1.6 – 2.0 GHz. ie, High speed  data.Bandwidth: 15 – 20 MHz.It is more flexible  because it sustenance the 5 main radio technologies. These radio technologies function beneath  CDMA,TDMA and FDMA.The purpose of the 3G is to provide more coverage and evolution with lowest investment.      Features:Called Smart phones.Fast communication,video calls, mobile TV ,Global roaming services, send  and receive email ..Provide high takes 11 sec to 1.5 min time to download a 3 min MP3 songs,fax and maps.      DemeritsIt requires higher bandwidth.Cost for the 3G mobile phone is High.It is difficult to build  the infrastructure for 3G.4 G TechnologyIt is introduced in the year from 2010 to  today.A 4 g system must provide capabilities defined by ITU in IMT Advanced  and current application include    Gaming services, cloud Computing ,3D television etc .It provide large storage space using cloud .Frequency:2-8 GHz.Bandwidth:100 MHz.It provides same feature as 3G  and additional services like multi-media newspaper, to watch tv etc.Send and receive data is more faster than 3 G .LTE (Long Term Evolution ) is considered as 4 g technology.Features:It provide 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps speed.HD video quality .ie ,1920* 1080 pixelsHigh security . for ex, Unlock mobile using biometric security like fingerprint, voice etc..Battery uses is more.Expanded multimedia services.It also provide navigation using gps .DemeritsUsage of battery is more.Implementation of hardware is difficult.Requires fast network speed.5 G technology5G are the proposed next telecommunication standard beyond the current, higher capacity than 4G.Main focus of 5G will be on World-Wireless world wide Web(WWWW).ie, it is a complete wireless communication.Frequency : 3 – 300 GHz.Bandwidth: 1 Gbps  and higher.  Features :High Speed and high capacity.Provides large broadcasting of data in Gbps.Multimedia newspaper,watch tv programs with HD clarity.Faster data communication than 4 g.Provide large storage .Support interactive MM, voice ,video,internet and othersMore realiable and effective .Demerits:It is higher big is controlled by using Open Contro Protocol(OTP)