Introduction of their company because they feel identified with


This work is part of a
wider project of investigation that tries to analyse the main aspects that
motivate people who get their first job. We are specially interested in those
young people who, for several reasons and in one moment of their lives, had to
leave the regulated Educational System and get into Professional Occupational
Training in order to enter labour society.

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Nowadays, young people
start working from a very young age in any type of work since many have the
need for money and others work to be independent. The problem of labor
insertion basically derives from the inability of the socioeconomic system to
generate enough jobs.

This has brought, as a
consequence, a greater dedication to the studies by young people, which appears
as the most legitimate option to occupy the available time, not only advancing
in the higher levels, but reoffending in it when they have not been achieved
the desirable results.

Not all young people
are well paid for the jobs they do, there are companies that take advantage of
them. Also because of the lack of knowledge of what action they can take when
this is happening, they can’t defend themselves.

It is important that since young people enter
the university to study these are instructed so that before taking a job and
have knowledge of how is the process before working.







Motivation teenage work in Business Company

Employees who are
satisfied with their work have a great impact on the growth and success of
their company and feel motivated. For the same reason, uncommitted employees
can have a negative impact on your organization’s ability to become or remain
an industry leader. This happens because employees not committed to the company
do not strive to achieve position. (adeccousa, 2017)

Developing talent
within your company and grooming employees for advancement are ideal ways for
you to prepare for the future. It is often faster and more effective to promote
from within your own ranks than to search for new talent outside your
organization. adeccousa, (2017)

Don’t wait to motivate.

who are satisfied with their work have a great impact on the growth and success
of their company because they feel identified with the company. For the same
reason, uncommitted employees can have a negative impact on your organization’s
ability to become or remain a leader. adeccousa, (2017)

talent within your company and preparing employees for advancement are ideal
ways to prepare for the future of the company. It is often faster and more
effective to promote from within your ranks than to look for new talent outside
of your organization as internal employees are given the opportunity. adeccousa, (2017)

Recognize what drives employees.

Once you have a rough
idea of which group your employees fall into, it’s time to act and train them.
Creating an environment where employees feel that their contributions are
essential for the overall success of the organization can be a challenge, but it
is certainly worth the effort as it will contribute to the organization and the
growth of these. adeccousa,  (2017)

Management’s interest in employee

• A
clear vision of senior management in an organization

Challenging job

Authority for decision making and contributions

Opportunities for professional promotion

A collaborative and team work environment

Resources to do the work in a way that does not interrupt the process. adeccousa,

What People Want From Work:

Each person has
different motivations and ways of working in a job. The reasons for working are
as individual and personal as the person. But, all the people who work in the
first place do it to earn money to live or to gain experience. (Heathfield,

want to be able to count on their immediate boss, they want to carry out their
professional work with confidence and support. It must provide training and
capacity to perform its functions. Heathfield, (2017)

Got Money? What’s Next for

According to
surveys and studies that date back to the early 1980s, they show that people
want more of work than money. An early study of thousands of workers and
managers of the American Psychological Association clearly demonstrated this. Heathfield, (2017)

Recognition for Performance Creates

Employees want people who do not make massive layoffs;
In fact, not disciplining and dismissing non-executors is one of the most
demotivating actions an organization can take or fail to take. It is also a
demotivating act to be paid just like a person who does not put much effort
into doing their right work. Heathfield, (2017)



We consider that
motivation is a multidimensional concept which covers a whole series of
subjective and objective components that direct human behavior. However, this
concept presents a powerful difficulty when approaching your study, as a
consequence of the lack of empirical observation that they have.

That is why we agree
with the second author since he explains where the motivation that is
individual comes from, it is good to know where the thought of working with
young people comes from, something that the first author does not explain.

The first author talks
to us about the things we should not expect from a job as we do not cover the
issue of the individuality of why young people feel motivated in a business

  Note that both
authors expose what they think of young people today and information is not
wrong but it is more feasible information from the second author because it is
thought that being a psychologist has a different sense to the first author

The second author did
a study in which he came to the conclusion that the great majority of young
people begin their first job with the motivation of having money and being able
to handle it at will. Money can be said to be an influential motivational
factor in young people seeking their first job.






More and more young
people decide to undertake a new professional challenge and opt for the
creation of a company as their life project. Some do it because they are out of
step with unemployment or because of the low remuneration offered

The information on
what motivates young people to work in a business company is sought in blog and
web page dealing with the information of the aforementioned subject is feasible
to investigate on this subject as it is important that we know that motivates
young people to work and that encourages them to seek employment.

The key to creating a
work environment that fosters motivation is the desire to progress and the need
to survive. A boss must always follow up on the tasks that a young person must
fulfill in his department.