Introduction: many cases it seems to be investigated that



 In our country Yearly 65 million people travel
from Pakistan Railways. It is one of the most popular way of traveling from one
destination to another. According to a survey 20 to 25 percent people commence
the crime of travelling without ticket in major express trains. When we ask
about the short distance travelling it would be increased in very high ratio
about 60%. In Pakistan where the investment chances are too low and such a
great network is working under miserable conditions it is the point of
dissatisfaction. In the scenario of high security risk especially in Pakistan
it is very dangerous that a person is travelling without proper authentication.
In many cases it seems to be investigated that the terrorists and criminals
used railways for transportation. It is also being observed that accept some
major stations there is no such system that can scrutinize the luggage. The
researcher personally observed that except some major stations no station has
an x-ray machine to scrutinize the luggage. In rush hours this becomes more
tricky and difficult to find any unwanted thing.

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The ticketing
system of Pakistan Railways seems to be very faulty. In Railways we are using 3
Different types of ticketing system.

ü  Open

ü  Paper

ü  Online

These different systems create many
confusions and problems in the minds of passengers as well as the
administration. Due to this confusion many people took the benefits which
ultimately cause heavy loss to the organization.



All of the
railway stations of Pakistan railways are equipped with two different systems
one is the old fashioned Edmondson Ticketing system used hard paper tickets as
open tickets in which no seat is allotted to person but he is authorized to
travel, and the other one is new computerized system using paper tickets to
provide the reservations in this system the ticket is purchased from the
reservation center where the reservation officer reserve the seat by computer
system. The third system is online ticketing system. It is the new system
launched in February 2017. It consist of an mobile application by which you can
book your ticket and you will receive a message which consist of your
reservation details and your identity this message is considered as a ticket.



This is the system existing now a
day in Pakistan Railways. The existing system is not so consistent and having
many loopholes, which are listed below:


v Manipulation of Tickets are Easy


These Days Pakistan Railways using the Tickets of Hard Paper and ordinary
papers.  Both mediums don’t have any kind
of verification marks which can make verification impossible of original and
forged tickets. More over in high rush stations for example Lahore Karachi
Rawalpindi it becomes more difficult to monitor the original and forged


v Uneven usage of


In the existing system of ticketing and reservation all the seats are
given on the quota system. This division and reservation of tickets are very
old fashioned and waste many of the resources.

It also unevenly distributes the resources of Railways.


v Chance of


The vacant seats are allotted by the open tickets passengers by different
illegal methods. The most commonly used procedure is belongs to the conductor
guard of the train as well as the coolies and police authorities of train often
took bribe and allot seats to the local passengers. Sometimes the seat was
booked from another station and the person who took the side on the cost of
bribe he must vacant the seat. Most of the time the duty of conductor was off
and the new don’t know the matter it often result in problems.


v Expensive Procedure


The existing system is very expensive in terms of the material cost
(Paper, Card, Printing Ink) Increasing price of these products effect the whole
system and more over the products aren’t consistent this also effects the
efficiency of equipment. The repair and maintenance cost also effect and cause
in increment of ticket fairs or decrement of organization profit.


v Lack of Security


One point of the lack of
security (Fraud of Tickets) is detailed described. Another point of lack of
security belongs to the passenger traffic. In Pakistan railway reservation and
ticketing system there is no system presents which can identify the passengers
Identity. Any one has an open access to the railway stations. The government
has applied platform ticketing system but few of them can buy the tickets it
also effects the profit margin.


v Authentication


Verification of
Passenger is not possible by any mean. Here the verification means that the
passenger is not been checked weather he the person who bought the ticket or
anyone else. This problem also created the stealing of tickets.


v Backup Ticketing System:


In case that the
passenger lost his/her tickets, Existing system has no sufficient system to
verify and provide the duplicate ticket new system of providing duplicate
tickets were launched on the basis of payment of 10% fine and prove the
identity but it is just a mean to gain money from the passenger which is
against the norm of service.

v Human Limitation:

In rush days trains are
overloaded and it is very difficult for the ticket checker to ensure the
checking of tickets for every person travelling in the train. In these days the
railway supposed to get the high level of profit but it is the reality that due
to these issues the profit margin of railways contracts to half or less than

Proposed Solution:


Following are the proposed solution modules that should be
included in the system.

System should be able
to provide complete Authentication to every passenger.

System should ensure
that every person should have paid the price to use the carrier.

It helps the higher
authorities to manage the resources in the favor of organization.

System should make
sure that the reserved person have the sufficient place allotment.

System should have a helping
hand to security agencies to have a track of criminals (if they try to use

System ensures the
seat by seat allotment so it is easy to manage the rush time arrangements for
the authorities.

System should help to
manage the financial issues and possess against the corruption.


Scope of the


The system is able to save time of both customer
and administration.

This can increase efficiency for better

This is a great help for the people having first
time experience in railways.

This platform increase credibility of customer
for railways also.

It also provides simple mechanism for customers.

Concisely, this system is a great motivation
towards digital and electronic advancements especially in such a large Govt.
Organization. People are urged to move towards e-sources of communication. This
system could be a great impact for the people of modern era to make their lives
better, happier and simply full of ease.