Introduction: everyday and Telegram. How many hours can you

Introduction: Hi, My name is Kevin(IRL) and 2wd (In-game) I am 14 years old and thanks for taking time out of your day to read this <3 please leave feedback so I can improve and making this better I put lots of time and effort to make this application. <3 -KevinIGN (In Game Name):2wd 14Timezone: Pacific Standard Time(PST)Country:United States (California) Do you have a good quality mic?:Yes, I do think I have a good quality Mic. Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?:» I have both Teamspeak  I use it everyday and Telegram. How many hours can you put in the server per week: (Monday-Friday)Monday:4:30 PM-->10:00 PM (School from 8:00 AM till 3:12 PM)Tuesday:4:30 PM–>6:00 PM (Soccer Practice) (School from 8:00 AM till 3:12 PM)Wednesday:2:30 PM–>10:00 PM (School from 8:00 AM till 1:30 PM)Thursday:4:30 PM–>6:00 PM (Soccer Practice) (School from 8:00 AM till 3:12 PM)Friday:4:30 PM–>10:00 PM (School from 8:00 AM till 3:12 PM)(Saturday-Sunday)Saturday:8:00 AM–>11:00 PMSunday:8:00 AM–>11:00 PMAbout 40+ hours per week.On Saturday’s and on Sunday’s I might not be on all day because I have soccer games on weekends. Any previous punishments on Fenix?: » I have not had any punishments on Fenix.Any past experiences in being a staff member:» HolyHCF: I was a Mod on Holy for awhile, This was when Holy had a player base of 100-500  and I used to wake up at 4 AM or 5 AM just to ban cheaters and just help people in Teamspeak but I ended up resigning because It was a Spanish server and my Spanish isn’t the bestWhy do you want to become staff?:» The Feeling: One reason I want to become staff on this amazing server is because of the feeling you get when you do get staff its amazing you can fly around watch cheaters and help people in the community and also help people I know because I am a very active HCF player on your server so I know lots of people. » Change: Another reason I want love to become staff is that I want a change. I’ve played HCF for a very long time I know almost everything about it and I just want to be on the other side of things. I want to be the one to make sure other people get a fair and fun experience on this server just like I had.» Helping the Community: I want to help the community, I want to help everyone I possibility can I will do teamspeak support room’s and do everything In my power to help everyone.» Help change Fenix rumors: I’m always hearing “Oh yeah Fenix has shit staff” I will try to change that opinion. I will move support waiting room’s. I will make people stop saying that Fenix doesn’t care about their player’s.» To give players a fair time: I want to become staff because I want everyone to have a fair and fun time on their time on the network and to try stop people glitching or breaking the rules and I think I’m the person for the job.Why should we accept you as staff?: You should accept my staff application because I feel like I am ready for the job and I’ve always wanted to become staff on this server. I also am very mature for a 14-year old ready to become staff on this amazing server I know how to handle lots of situations I also am a very fast learner and I am very loyal and wont lie for anyone I will tell the truth even for my friends and treat everyone the same and punish anyone that I know did wrong. I also am a very good listener I will always follow the staff guide I would bring joy and maturity to the staff team and make sure everyone feels welcomed to the Fenix community, I will also be a very active staff member and will barely spend anytime on other server’s, I will try my best to make it to every staff meeting there is if I cant make it I will make sure I tell an admin. I also should be accept because I want the very best for the server and I am here to make the server better and make good memories and have a good time with everyone on the Fenix staff team. I will never sit around and do nothing I will always be watching chat and my main focus will be Fenix I would drop anything to hop on and make this server a better place and I will always be on top of my game when I’m on and also I will do anything a higher tier staff member tells me to do if I know its the right thing to do and will never disrespect anyone and be a great staff member and a great person to have in the community and be there to help when its most needed.Additional Information:Equality:I will treat every player the same no matter what, I will make sure they are treated like I would want to be treated.Activity:I am very active if I get accepted I will be active just like I am now and I will help out as much as I can.Honestly:I am very honest, I will never lie to a player or staff member I will always tell the truth to people in the community if I am allowed to.determination:I am determined to make this server a safer place and a better place to play HCF or PVP. I also am determined to help everyone I can and report anything to a higher staff member to get it fix as soon as possible. Helpfulness:I am a very helpful person, I like to help people I can answer anybody’s question about anything I know about.Responsibility:I am very responsible I think before my actions and In any staff event I will know when it’s my turn to talk and overall be a mature and responsible person.Recording:I have a decent PC so recording wont be any problem if you need me to record anything I will do.Multi-Tasking:Multi-Taking is very important if someone want’s to become a staff member because you got to be able to help people in teamspeak and know what’s going on in-game and always watching staff chat.Loyalty:I am loyal to the server now and will still be loyal if I get accepted I will never lie to a staff member and will always tell the truth and be as active as I can.Respect:I will treat everyone with respect and never mistreat someone and even if they don’t like me I will still treat them if the top of my respect no matter a staff member or a player everyone in the fenix community will get the top of my respect.Assisting players:I will need a staff guide to know what to do when I am helping a fenix player but when I get the hang of it I will do my best to get everything done quickly and easily.Collaboration:I am a very good team member I work easily with other people and have no problem working with my fellow staff members and doing our jobs together and do some training.Experience:I have lots of experience being staff  I’ve been staff on multiple server’s I know what to do in some case’s but some of the server’s had like 10-100 players so it can be different.Maturity:I find myself a lot more mature then what a normal 14-year old is I know when it’s time to laugh and time not to and be serious and I know better to laugh at people that might have something going on in their life so I know to treat everyone with respect and with care. Teamspeak:I am very active on teamspeak it’s the first thing I open when I turn my PC on and will move everyone that is in the support room and will be in support room’s as much as I can.Dedication:When I am dedicated to something I work as much as I can on that thing in this case is fenix if I get accepted I will work as hard as I can to help the community.PlayTime:I’ve been playing this server for A LONG TIME I have never quit on this server and never <3 will.And whenever I'm not sure about something I will check the staff guide or check in with a higher tier staff member to make sure I am doing what's right for the server and for the community Place's I need help on:Screen Sharing:Screen Sharing (SS'ing) isn't my strong suit so I need someone to help me on that but I am a quick learner I can just watch some Screen shares and learn from that.