INTRODUCTION can experience different kind of human interactions in



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Virtual reality was not successful when it began. However, in 2016, it
was one of the most popular words that was related to technology and it was circulating.
Demand for virtual reality is rising as the devices for virtual reality and
augmented reality are up for sale 1. Virtual reality is a platform where
users can experience different kind of human interactions in a virtual
environment which can be designed to the user’s expectations, which is way
different from the physical environment. Virtual reality will enable students
to create any desired environments for simulating interactions 2. Once a user
puts on the VR headset, they will be immersed in a 360 degrees experience and
it can be controlled by another user, a teacher for example. The teacher can
control what their students are seeing which can be used as a teaching lesson.
Google are giving out contents in virtual reality that teachers can use as a starting
point to educate their students during lessons 3.



The purpose of this research proposal is to investigate the importance
of virtual reality and analyse the benefits of implementing virtual reality
headsets in schools. It also aims to compare the successes different schools
had while using virtual reality to conduct lessons and how it helped students
with their studies and creativity.



The following methods will be used to accomplish the proposed task.

Gather information by doing surveys amongst the
polytechnics in Singapore about the preference of Virtual Reality.

Analyse data from results of the surveys.

Researching on topics that relate to the advantages of
using the VR headsets.

Spread awareness on social media to promote the usage
of VR in schools.






The findings including the following data will be presented to the team
on 19 March 2018.

Survey data gathered from students of polytechnics in
Singapore about the preference of VR.

Challenges faced while implementing the VR systems
across schools.

Obstacles in promoting VR across social media

Explain the advantages and benefits of having VR and
how it helps students.



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