Introduction and threats facing medicine faculty . In Section


Introduction :

King Abdul-Aziz University was established in 1967. It provides
different academic degrees accredited nationally and internationally. According
to a statistical report (1435 – 1436), the number of students was 158,839 while
the number of faculty members was 7668. Additionally, the University has 33

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The medicine Faculty adopts best practices in developing
curriculum, pursuing advanced educational strategies to achieve its mission
which is graduating physicians equipped with international competences under
the supervision of elite faculty members. The Faculty also offers graduate
programs in many specialties, and training fellowship programs in cooperation
with The Saudi Council for Health Specialties, the British Royal College, and
The Irish Royal College. The Faculty leaders make every effort to raise the
quality of its outcomes and develop it continuously by having partnerships and
agreements with other international universities in Europe, United States,
Canada, and Australia to keep up with developments in the medical field and to
gain academic accreditation locally and globally.

 The report will therefore
focus on the strategic management of medicine faculty at KAU. In Section 1 the
report will perform an internal analysis, where

environmental factor will be analyzed to determine the
Opportunities and threats

facing  medicine faculty . In
Section 2 the report will perform an internal analysis, where the

firm’s resources and capabilities will be identified and assessed
in relation to the

environmental changes. Finally in section 3 the report will bring
forward various

recommendations highlighting their advantages and drawbacks.






External analysis

Steep analysis : 
steep analysis study and monitor social and natural environment 

Social : mankind’s social system
that includes general forces that do not directly touch on the short run
activates of the organization but that can influence its long decisions
which  consist of :-

*social culture : values , moors
and ethical laws are followed from both teachers and student also leaders .
students rights being protected against teachers and even between them , racism
words are Prohibited . Also teachers are respected and fairness spread is
presented . if these laws are not followed response  infirmness , violent and worse would happen

*economic : the government finance
the teachers with good  salaries ,
students with monthly payments for educational needs and finance all expenses
needed to sustain . defiantly any changes will affect the performance of all
the staff and students .

*technological : helps problem
solving  , flatter structure  would be followed cause more specialists
needed not mangers .

*political legal forces :
defiantly the KAU is regulated by law and regulation from government.

Michel  porter forces :

Threat of new entrance : *

The definition of threat of new entrance is new entrance to an
industry brings new capacity , desire to gain market share and substantial
resource .

 No universities without students and each university
is trying to catch the attention of them and reaching the full capacity , by
that gaining the highest portion of students in Jeddah under their learning ward
. There are many other universities in Jeddah other than king abdulaziz university
and  number of them are new established
such as Jeddah university competing with KAU . The existence of KAU is long also
it is renown and popular , its certificate is accredited , most important point
is its vision in the medical factually *To be the Benchmark for
Medical Academic Excellence in the Middle East *, which gives the medical factuality in KAU
advantages comparing to any other existence or new  university . Last point is the medical faculty’s
research ,  laboratory and all materials
, equipment needed in KAU is financed by government which makes difficult for
new entrance to join the industry ( capital requirement ) entrance barriers  .

*Threat of substitute products :

The definition of threat of substitute products is the products
that appears to be different but can satisfy the same needs as other product .

In this case all medical faculties in all universities
appears similar by presenting basic medical learning materials to students but
any university or collage needs to be developed and  enhance the learning materials , medical equipment
, researches  ets to be sustainable .
such , areas of improvement (web site from KAU) :


– lack English skill among enrolled students

– the incentive for scientific research is – near to
the ground .

– great number of student with low capacity and insufficiency of
training facilities in university hospitals .

– low monitor and track fist year for medical
student .

– big medical department but not ready with
staff members .  

 as we mentioned
 before medical university in KAU is been
financed by the government which is advantage to sustain  . One of the Basic values of medical faculty
in KAU is sustainability *Maintaining the continuity of
institutional, educational, research, economical, and environmental gains *


– the
awareness of the society for education .

– the government finance for
high quality level of education and to sustain .

– the geographic location of
the university

– the well-built university

– the necessitate in public
and privet hospitals for consultant physicians .


Threats or challenges :

– recruitment of novel education
staff is complicated

– development of other medical

– financial resources is inadequate

– external funding and financing 
is declining  for scientific


Internal analysis

competencies and core competencies-

Patient Care

must have the capacity to give persistent care that is empathetic, suitable,
and successful for the treatment of medical issues and the advancement of


must exhibit learning of set up and developing biomedical, clinical, epidemiological
and social-behavioral sciences, and in addition the use of this information to
tolerant care.


Skills and Interpersonal

discuss successfully with
patients, families, and general society, as suitable, over an expansive
scope of financial and social foundations
discuss adequately with
doctors, other wellbeing experts, and wellbeing related organizations


Occupants must
show a guarantee to completing proficient obligations and an adherence to moral
standards. Inhabitants are relied upon to illustrate:

compassion, trustworthiness,
and regard for others;
responsiveness to understanding
needs that supersedes self- intrigue;





-Value chain analysis




jointly with leading.


the Faculty’s  rationalize expenditures
and  funding resources


and sustain infrastructure


community engagement from the Faculty’s employees,and give remarkable
commitments to serve the group.


the administrative, technical and informational performance of the faculty.
level of control and-
has led to high









Strengths and weaknesses:-


Presence of exceptionally
qualified frameworks and faculty members –

Most faculty members are certified
in academic education-

Presence of faculty improvement
programs –

Presence of big quantities of
grant holders in all orders –

Larger part of employees are in
the prime of their life-

Nearness of teaching hospital that
is globally accredited-

Nearness of a Clinical Simulation
Center that is globally certify –

Promotion of understudies
administration program authority programs –

Nearness of King Fahad Medical
Research Center –

Presence of strong foundation –


-A few individuals from the
educational programs council need vital skills to play out their obligations.

Nonattendance of strategies and
systems of partner contribution in. –

of exposure of students to chose kinds of in healing facility patients, not a
wide range of such patients

-Absence of strategy that
guarantees fundamental science educational programs adjustment to scientific.

-technological  and clinical improvements and in addition
wellbeing needs of the general public.



Internal strategy:

Based on the above mentioned
points of strength and weakness, we put some strategies that support and
improve them, but first we clarify the vision and the mission.


To be the Benchmark for Medical
Academic Excellence in the Middle East”.”

The Faculty’s vision depended on
the way that restorative instruction influences the strength of society.
Accordingly, The Faculty of Medicine is trying to be an expert organization in
the restorative field, taking all way to have a recognizable therapeutic
instruction. The last outcome would be a medicinal society that can create
information and abilities locally, as well as over the Middle East.

The perspectives of the Vision
could be summarized as follows:

– Care and support of the University’s leadership for medical education.                    

 – The University  faith in the necessity to achieve global

– Availability of all necessary physical and human resources.

 – Expansion in promoting scientific research
– Expansion in scholarship programs in different medical. areas.




Faculty of Medicine at King Abdul-Aziz University is Committed to provide high-quality
educational programs; nurture scientific research; and community engagement in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”

The mission featured the principle
mainstays of the Faculty of Medicine, which is lined up with the University’s
central goal, the Ministry of Education, and The National Transformation Plan
2020. The Faculty conferred itself to give astounding therapeutic instructive
projects that are predictable with the national principles for great training.
The Faculty contributes by graduating doctors who have the capability basic for
the employability showcase; by supporting logical research in each conceivable
path and additionally associations with all fragments of the Saudi people



To support strengths and achieve
the goal of vision and mission we have developed these strategies:

1- instructing and learning.

2- administration and administration.

3- gradate thinks about and logical research.

4- foundation.

5- social responsibility.

6- fubding and speculation.













While medicine is a dynamic field so
medical education must be at the same standard all the world. The proposed
strategies will be from different aspects :

and develop the use of  technology in teaching
, learning, and all of the academic services to 
get efficient results and help a physician to equip with knowledge to meet
the challenges of a new era. Moreover, the faculty should reward good instructors
and support bad ones to improve.

the involvement from the Faculty’s employees, students, also from outside the university
such as businessmen aid , and people who want to provide outstanding
contributions to serve the community.

the administrative, and IT department performance of the faculty by providing
work station software support services.

Establishing an entity with legal status and administrative
independence called Academic Accreditation Authority. The purpose is

 to announce
the quality culture and accredit of faculties and their programs in order to
enable KAU -specially medicine- graduates to contribute effectively to the
sustainable development. In fact , it will encourage colleges to improve their
internal quality and be responsible of the quality of education to ensure that
it is in a level that meets international standards.

The faculty must be
easy to reach located and also provide developed and sustained infrastructure.

are decentralized institutions they  profuse money on unnecessary administrative
activities and could save money in the long run if the faculty made big changes
to their structure. In other words, Faculty should diversify financial
resources and rationalize expenditures.








In this project we choose  faculty of medicine because we see
it is a very important section. 


The objective of this project is to see what dose the faculty of
medicine face in there whole environment. 

 The method to achieve that objective is to do some analysis

In section one we do Steep analysis Michel porter forces and Opportunities
and Threats.

In section two we have done an internal and value chain analysis.
After that strengths and weaknesses. 

Finally, section three is internal strategy (Vision, Mission,
strategy) and  External strategy.