Introduction and individual objective for those goals, and the


qualities that make a leader are abundant and diverse, however the qualities
that make a successful leader are very specific and require fine tuning and
proper selection. It is necessary to mirror these qualities in order to achieve
the feats one hopes to achieve. The aspiration to reach a position should be
enough of a push to excel that person if they truly have the qualities that
make a great leader. Honesty is usually the best policy in regards to figuring
out what a person needs to do in order to achieve their goals, fix any problems
they encounter and to keep bringing about positive changes. An assessment by
peers is usually the best approach in figuring out where a person is lacking
and where they are exceling. Each person has a specific skill set that when
utilized will allow them to develop proper leadership goals, a timeline for
said goals, and individual objective for those goals, and the tools they need
to see those goals set in motion.

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the first week of this course I completed a self-assessment of my own strengths
and weaknesses. Based on that assessment it showed me that I thought I excelled
in planning, leading, and management being the overall highest compared to the
rest of the topics. Planning seems to be my strongest attribute since I am able
to sit down and tactically devise a plan that would reach the best goal in the
shortest time frame with the least amount of resources. I was able to plan and
execute tasks very easily when put to the test, as well as being able to lead
people into accomplishing those tasks with me. My strongest trait is to be able
to encourage everyone around me to have the same excitement in the idea and
executing the idea as I had. My boss seems to agree with me in terms of enticing
people to see my vision and to want to help me complete it. To be able to lead
shows I have the ability to motivate and excite people to meet the expectations
set by myself and their own conscience. I also believe that I show a great deal
of respect to my fellow colleagues and I am able to criticize in a gentle yet
effective way which theoretically makes people much more inclined to follow and
have faith in all my ideas and abilities.

believe management is something that should be the highest in terms of business
and achieving a high business career. It was a relief to see that my management
scores were high for myself and high for those that took the assessment for me.
My level of confidence in myself and my work keeps me going to prove to myself
and everyone around me that I am capable of reaching the feats I set out to
reach. My creativity overflows in my work and determination to excel. Of the
people that I gave this assessment to they seemed to have the same results as I
did in the strengths department and I was definitely relieved. There is not one
person that should be ignorant or bigheaded in terms of their abilities so it
was nice to see that others believed in my abilities just as much, if not more
than I did. They believed my strongest attributes are my ability to communicate
and lead people with my determination and belief in the subject matter at hand.
They said I was able to motivate and enthuse others extremely well while
maintaining confidence and diplomacy when dealing with confidence. Specifically
my boss believed that I had the highest attributes in terms of planning and
executing tasks because she claimed that there was not one task I was asked to
do that I did not execute perfectly and quickly. She also gave me a very high
score in the cross-functional management skills saying I had extremely high
self-motivation and creativity along with self-awareness to realize when
certain situations are edgy. My colleagues seemed to rate me the highest in
leading because I am able to keep them enthused about work and I understand
them on a level the boss does not. Overall my strengths seemed to be higher in
the eyes of my colleagues and boss than in my own and I was extremely excited
with this.


on the assessment I did for myself I had many weaknesses that could break any
person trying to be a leader. I have a big weakness in the organization and
controlling department. I find it extremely difficult to articulate certain
ideas that are in my head fluently and this lack of articulation can be
detrimental to the team’s success and my own. If my own team cannot understand
what I want from them because I am unable to properly tell them it can be
problematic for me. Although I can be very precise in my tasks, the
organization would be entirely flawed if the people in the group could not be
properly assessed and although my planning seems ok at the moment, without the
proper organization the entire project could fall apart. There needs to be
concise and cohesive planning along with organization. Due to the problem I
have with my lack of ability to properly express my thoughts this can hinder
the group effort and overall work flow. Another big issue is initiating change
since I can get caught up in routine very easily. If something is working
properly there are times I won’t change them even though something needs to be
done in order to increase work output and overall company awareness.

people that took the assessment seemed to have similar weaknesses about me and
some I did not think were weaknesses. They agree with me that at times I am
unable to express myself properly and due to that I can come off extremely cold
and calculating which makes them uneasy and unable to ask me for advice on the
subject. From this I realized that my lack of articulation was really affecting
the workflow of the company. My boss also agreed with this claiming that I
needed to learn how to express my thoughts in a more appropriate and gentle
way. The next issue was the ability to initiate change. Although my colleagues
thought this was normal my boss claimed that I was extremely low in the
initiating change concept. She claimed that although I was extremely creative I
would become too comfortable and sometimes lazy and not change the tasks I said
I was going to. This one was a wakeup call for me. A leader cannot be a leader
without coming up with those ideas and actually changing them. The last one
that caught me by surprise was my interpersonal skills. This one from both my
colleagues and my boss was low and this was due to my inability to articulate.
They exclaimed that I come off too cold due to the fact that I seem to be
serious all the time. This made me unapproachable and it was because of that I
had poor relationships with them. This was a big problem that I had not thought
of before and I am glad to know what they think now.

Individual objectives required to reach your end goal

An effective leader
needs to make positive changes in themselves in order to impact the company in
a positive way. An extremely important way to have people follow you and
believe in your vision is to make them trust you somehow. Without trust there
is no admiration and no respect. A true leader allows themselves to be
approachable when needed to allow their employees to get personal with them
just in case they ever needed to come to them for anything. They are more
likely to put their faith in you if they can trust you and trust that you will
understand what they are going through (Economy, 2013). When
talking to employees it is also necessary to be precise and specific to avoid
any miscommunication between you two. They need to leave you with a strong message
and just as strong a vision as you have. It is also necessary to have a broad
and open mind that is able to understand people and their desires along with a
personality to empathize with them in their time of need. Having these traits
will allow you to gain the followers you need in order to be selected for a
leadership position. The next topic will be about managing and creating groups.
It is necessary to make people feel like they matter to the company, the whole
logic on the whole is greater than the sum of the parts is a good way to go.
People should feel like they need to be part of the group and once that group
starts they are stronger together than they are separated (Myatt, 2012).

leaders should be able to enlighten others in their ideas but first they need
to become enlightened themselves. A leader needs to believe in themselves
before they can get others to believe in them, this is basic. The next topic is
to be transparent to your employees. Being transparent is hand in hand with trust,
if your employees always know exactly what you want they will never second
guess themselves. They will trust you and then trust themselves and their work
more. Being confident is always a good thing but then there is being conceited
and an outright jerk. Treating your employees and those around you is never a
good tactic for success. A true leader knows when to be humble and when to
recognize others good efforts. The final thing for making a great leader is the
ability to recognize problems and deal with them at lightning speed (Leaman,
2015). The longer a problem goes on for the longer is cause employees to be

Leadership goals’

leadership goals will be to perfect my skills in order to better address the
company and take it into the next phase of its life. Our company is a weight
loss nutrition company, one that stresses a healthy eating lifestyle in order
to achieve your weight loss goals.  The
next phase includes branching the company into a well-known enterprise that
will be easily utilized by everyone and known by everyone. Currently our
company works city wide and covers a small vicinity. The first goal is to
increase customer awareness and to branch out into a larger audience. We want
to get into schools to teach children how to eat healthier and in turn that
will make the community an overall healthier place. Once we get our name out in
the schools we branch off into doctor offices to show that we can help all
these patients that are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, bone
fragility, fatigue, hormone irregularity and many other ailments. Eating
healthy can change someone’s lifestyle and that is our goal. However without
developing the proper leadership goals we cannot take this company to where I
believe it can go. Something needs to be done in order to see this through.

Timeline for reaching your goal

Every great leader knows
that nothing lasts forever. In order to achieve goals there needs to be a sit
down in order to assess all the requirements needed to get the job done. The
first thing is to set those long term aims. Short terms vs long term is a
necessary thing to differentiate. Long term goals should take between three to
five years and should aim to accentuate the mission of the company, reflecting
on why the company was founded, why it deserves to stick around and what makes
it so special. A truly great leader will understand why these goals are
necessary for success. The profit and growth of the company along with the
social goals of the company are definitely a good place to start. The next
thing to do is to create the short term goals. There shouldn’t be a lull in the
time frame and something needs to be done while the long term goals are being
focused on. These short term goals can be created to aid in the long term goals
completion. They need to be realistic and time specific (Vanden Bos, 2010). A
deadline for these tasks is probably the best way to go. Our main objective for
the company is to have it country wide in the next 3-5 years. Our short term
goals are to be recognized statewide in the next year. In order to do this we
need to branch ourselves into different clientele and to be viewed by a larger
audience. The product line is currently being created and this is both a short
term and long term goal. Short term we create a product perfect it and move on
to a new product every time one is completed. The long term goal in the next
three years is to have a complete product line that is for the company only. These
are just some of the current short term and long term goals that should be
taken into consideration.

Resources and/or tools needed to reach your goal

In order to achieve
these long term and short term goals there needs to be a great deal of
advertisement. That is probably the first and most important thing to do to
increase clientele. Radio, television commercials, social media, billboards,
business cards, brochures, etc. These are all tools and resources that need to
be considered in order to increase the range of attraction. The next thing that
needs to be assessed are the services offered and how much profit will come
from those. If the services or cost of services outweighs the profits there
needs to be a change done in how things are setup. For example a weight loss
consultation requires the machine that does a full body analysis, next comes
the materials needed for the people that opt in to do the plan. Each of these
comes at a certain cost that needs to be covered along with the pay for the
employees and some profit left over for changes to the company. The next thing
that needs to be assessed are the inventory of products and the cost and effort
that goes along with creating those products. There is a lot of labor that goes
into creating everything and those are all considered resources.


the business world weaknesses can be destructive to any future company hoping
to stand amongst the monsters currently taking over the market. Strong characteristics
are necessary for a strong leader and there should not be any hiccups. Planning
is a crucial first step to any successfully executed task. Once all the
planning has been done organization of all the parts of the entire whole comes
into play. If one piece is lacking the entire team can fall apart. Team work is
just as important as the leader directing the entire thing. Controlling the
components is necessary to keeping everything stable and running in an orderly
fashion. A strong leader is needed to keep everything running smoothly and to
keep employee morale high, they not only lead but encourage and understand what
everyone is going through (Javitch, 2009). They empathize with the tasks they
have given to the lower ranks but maintain a stern attitude so that they see it

leaders should be able to inspire action within the company and the group one
they wouldn’t ever to let down or disappoint. Optimism goes a long way because
with that positivity comes good attitudes and integrity towards your team,
support for them and confidence for yourself (Economy, 2013). Understanding the
mission and success you want for yourself and others needs to be a top
priority. This is something I seem to be struggling with and without fully
understanding and fixing those problems I cannot hope to lead the company into
the next era. I need to hold my mission proud and strong and articulate what I
want and hope to achieve without faltering. Without overcoming this detrimental
problem I cannot hope to be a truly effective leader, one that knows there is
more riding to my success than just mine alone.