Introduction A is only able to wake up in


Every Day is a fiction romance novel written by
American author, David Levithan. David Levithan is an award-winning writer of
young adult fiction books, most famous for books such “Boy Meets Boy” and “Nick
and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” Some of his books have turned into movies,
perhaps the most famous being “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” He has
collaborated with different authors on books such as “Will Grayson, Will
Grayson”, with John Green, another renowned author with books like “The Fault
in Our Stars” and “Paper Towns” having turned into film adaptations. The book
was published in 2012 and has won several awards. It is also a New York Times
bestseller, an Indie bestseller and was selected by the American Library
Association for being one of the top ten best fiction for young adults.

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Every Day is a book about “A”, the main character, who
wakes up in a different body of a different person every single day. He would
inhabit the person’s body every morning and spend the whole day in his or her
body doing everyday things like going to school, talking to the person’s
parents, friends and teachers. This is A’s “gift”, the ability to switch from
people to people, every single day. Although he has the power to change bodies
everyday, A cannot choose which body he inhabits. He is never the same person
twice. With this being said, he is basically just a being that has no identity
and is really just a soul who has no body. No permanent physical form. He just
moves from random people’s body every single day. He has no say on what race,
gender and sexuality of the person his. One thing that stays the same and that
is constant is the person’s age. A is only able to wake up in the body of
someone who is the same age as him. This cycle has been happening since A was
brought into the world, adjusting to the lifestyle he has. A also has the
ability to access the person’s memory and with that, he is able to go through
the motions of the host’s life normally without disturbing anything in the
person’s life. A had been going through this process ever since he was born. A
is used to the cycle he goes through everyday and has no trouble going through
the day. One day, A wakes up in Justin’s body. He then meets Justin’s
girlfriend,named Rhiannon. Having spent the day cutting both their classes,
they drove to the beach. Spending the whole day with her, A felt a connection
with Rhiannon and fell head over heels in love with her. This then leads to
A  finding himself trying to find ways to
go back to her even after waking up in different bodies. Along the way, there
are different obstacles that A has to overcome. The story then continues to
both A and Rhiannon trying to find solutions to the complicated predicament
they are in.





Every Day takes place in the United States of America
(USA). This is is proven in the book as A wakes up in bodies of people who
stays in different states, sometimes the same ones. The story took place mainly
in Maryland, a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of USA. Mentioned earlier,
A wakes up in different states sometimes and these states include Minnesota,
Virginia, Carolina and Montana.

The story is also set in the 21st Century. This is
because there were uses of social media such as Facebook and Google. Phones,
blogs, emails and computers were also used and this just shows that it is set
in modern times. It may not be in the later years but it is probably in the
earlier 2000s as there were uses of terms such as “IM” and teenagers still use
emails which is not common nowadays in teenagers in the later part of the 21st



A: A is the protagonist of the story Every Day. A is a
hermit crab in the sense that instead of not having a shell, he has no physical
body. He is a life force that inhabits different people every single day
without the knowledge of whose body it is. He is also genderless, neither male
or female. He goes through the motions of the person’s life and has been doing
so ever since he was brought into the world. A is a character with morals and
does no harm to the body of the people he is in and has no intentions of doing
things that would jeopardize the person’s life. He will then go on to meet
Rhiannon where he has to break some rules that he has set for himself as he
fell in love with her and wants to be with her always.


Rhiannon: Rhiannon is the love interest of A. She is
the girlfriend of Justin, whose body A wakes up in one day. She meets A for the
first time when A is inside Justin’s body, no idea that it is not her
boyfriend, but A instead. She noticed that Justin is different but did not say
anything. Rhiannon is the first girl that A has felt love for and is the very
first person to discover about A’s ability to wake up in different bodies
everyday. Eventually, she too falls in love with A and becomes emotionally
attached to A. 


Justin: Justin is the first person A wakes up in the
novel. He is a 16-year-old who is also Rhiannon’s boyfriend, the protagonist’s
love interest. Although being Rhiannon’s boyfriend, he does not care about
Rhiannon’s wellbeing while Rhiannon is the opposite as she gives everything to
Justin as she is madly in love with him.


Nathan Daldry: Nathan is a mediocre teenager. As A
describes him in the book in page 66, “Nathan is a good guy. Everything in his
room is in order. Even though it’s only Saturday morning, he’s already done his
homework for the weekend. He’s set his alarm for eight o’clock, not wanting the
day to go to waste. He was probably in bed by ten”. He is a very organised
person and a responsible one too. He is smart but not very sociable, making him
a bit of an introvert. After waking in Nathan’s body, A decides to go to a
party in his body but did not make it home in time which leads to Nathan waking
in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the road. Since Nathan was a smart
person, he knew that he was not conscious and would not do such a thing. He
then set on finding who was responsible for what happened and A has a person on
his back who wants answers and Nathan is not giving up until he gets them.


Kelsea Cook: Kelsea Cook is a character who suffers
from depression. She stays with her father and their relationship is not the
normal “father-daughter” relationship. She has a journal where she writes down
her feelings about the troubles she is going through. Kelsea deals with her
thoughts of contemplating suicide everyday and is unhappy with her life. This
character is having troubles with contemplating to kill herself and finding a
reason to live.


Ashley Ashton: Ashley Ashton is your typical “pretty
face” character. She is a critical character in the novel as she’s the one that
A used to show Rhiannon that Justin does not truly love her and would cheat on
her if he knew Ashley. This then backfires as Justin did not cheat on Rhiannon
and this just created a gap between A and Rhiannon’s relationship with each
other. A then realizes than he should not interfere with what Justin and
Rhiannon has and that only Rhiannon can end the relationship with Justin.


Reverend Poole: Being a side character in the book
earlier that is associated with Nathan Daldry, this character then had a bigger
part in the later parts of the book. He reveals to A that he too has the same
power of switching bodies everyday and tells A that he has the capability to be
able to spend more than one day in the person’s body. He offers to tell A the
secret to staying longer in the bodies of people but A did not want to know as
he does not want to interfere with people’s lives as it was not his body but


Alexander Lin: Alexander Lin’s body is the second last
person he wakes up in the book. A likes Alexander Lin as he is a good person
who is surrounded by good people and also loves reading. A relates to Alexander
and feels a very powerful connection to him and then introduces Rhiannon to him
as a replacement for him.


Katie: Katie is the last person’s body that A wakes up
in the book. A uses Katie to start afresh from the life he has been going
through and as he said, “I run.”


A is the narrator of the novel Every Day, which means
the story is told in first person. This is good as people can relate to what A
is feeling or thinking so as to better identify with him as a character. The
readers can know more about the protagonist this way and feel attached to him,
causing them to be more into the story and continue reading. Although it can be
good, it can be bad too. The readers only know what A’s perspective is and
thus, it is one sided. It makes it hard for the readers to decipher the truth
on situations as there are many characters that A inhabits. That being said,
although A is the narrator, it makes the book a unique compared to typical
books that are told in first person perspective as he is a different person
every day and readers can have a little bit of the person A is for the day and
that makes the book very hard to put down as each day, it is a “different”
narrator and the readers will not get bored.



There were many uses of figurative language in the
book and below are some that David Levithan used to make the book more exciting
and keep it interesting as it will feel very stale if figurative language was
not put into the book.


Personification – “There’s a hazy blur to my thoughts,
a vise compressing my head, I open my eyes and the light nearly kills me.”
– Page 234


“the light nearly kills me” shows that the author is
giving the light a human-like characteristic, which is to kill hence light
being personified


Simile – “When I was dancing with you in Steve’s
basement, it felt like fireworks.” – Page 94


The author is comparing the dancing to fireworks which
makes the description more vivid.


Metaphor – “Depression has been likened to both a
black cloud and a black dog.” – Page 121


Depression is being compared to a black cloud and a
black dog which helps explain it.


Oxymoron – “We do nothing more than kiss. We do
nothing less than kiss.” – Page 16


Hyperbole – “We go for what feels like hours and
also feels like no time at all.” – Page



Although it was a short time, the author exaggerated
using hyperbole.


Alliteration – “I might do anything. I
might change my mind. I might pretend this conversation never happened.”

The occurrence of the letter “I”.


of reality

This book is
classified as Young Adult Literature. The author wrote it for teenagers as the
characters in the book go through situations that teens will go through in
their everyday life. The conversations between the characters are also
realistic and relatable to teenagers. There are a lot of themes in Every Day
but the most important one in the novel is identity. A has no identity as he
does not have his own body. When falls in love and experiences a relationship
for the first time, he is hit by the reality of how the absence of an identity
take a toll on his existence as he wakes up in a different body everyday. This
is sometimes experienced in people, not in the form of exchanging bodies every
day but in the form of an identity crisis. Sometimes a person will go through
obstacles that may hinder the ability to develop an identity for themselves.

This will then leave the person to go through a process where they need to
“find” themselves. People going through this may think that they have no clue
of who they really are and feel like they do not belong anywhere and do not
know where they are going with life thus ending up being confused on who they
really are. The people who read this novel will relate to A as A himself does
not have identity and will then carry on reading further into the book as they
would want to know what he will do to find an identity for himself.


World view

Every Day’s overall theme is love, but the real theme
has a much deeper meaning. The novel is narrated by A, who is genderless. David
Levithan describes A as “purely self”.

A is an existence which wakes up in a different body
which he owns for 24 hours. In that 24 hours, A can experience lives in
different shoes. He is exposed to the person’s culture, religion and race. What
the book really teaches is that even though Rhiannon meets A in different
bodies every day, she still loves A for who he is and not what his gender, skin
colour or religion is. This shows that love has no boundaries and it can
overcome anything. Most readers will not think about this but if someone looks
deep enough, he or she will understand. David Levithan himself being gay, he
wants to show the world that love can conquer anything. With everything
happening in the world, people should learn that love is the most powerful thing.

There is so much hate nowadays everywhere. Hate will only lead to prejudice and
discrimination and the wars going on these days are because of hate and people
not learning to accept each other for who they are. If someone as Rhiannon can
accept A for who he or she is, why is it so hard for other people to accept
each other for who they are despite race or religion. The world needs to learn
to love every person as we are created equal.

Another lesson to take from this book is the saying,
“If you love something, let it go.” People do not really understand what it
means but in A’s perspective, he cannot give Rhiannon what she wants, someone
to love her and give her what she deserves. A cannot do this as he does not
have a body. This is a lesson everyone should learn from this book;
selflessness. People nowadays are very greedy with what they have and everyone
only think of themselves and not to say that it is a bad thing but sometimes,
we have to learn to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to know how they
really feel and only then there can be mutual understanding. This is what the
book shows.






A book that is comparable to this is another book
called “Another Day” which is told from Rhiannon’s side of the story. This
shows a whole different perspective of the story as mentioned earlier, Every
Day is narrated by A and it shows a one sided view. Now the readers can see
through the eyes of one of the main characters in the book and it opens up a
whole new story and this was a very good addition by the author. Readers will
get a new story from the same story. They can relate to Rhiannon and see how
she really feels about A changing bodies every single day and how she copes
with it.

Another book that is similar to this is The Time
Traveller’s Wife which is written by the author Audrey Niffenegger. It is a
book about a person who has no control on time and he will travel to the future
and past. This is comparable as both protagonists of both novels have abilities
which both of them cannot control and have to deal with life with these
abilities. There is also going to be a film adaptation to the book which is set
to be released this year and it will be based on Every Day. Fans of this book
will look forward as it will be exciting how they depict the experiences of A
in a movie.



Every Day is a very good book for people who love
romance novels and fantasy ones too. Although, David Levithan could have told
the readers more about A’s power and where it came from but that is probably
part of the book. A is a mystery and he himself chose to not know more about
his powers. There are many unanswered questions in the book but the questions
are not the main point of the book. This book is highly recommended to those
who want a change from the typical romance books of boy meets girl and want a
whole new perspective of love. It is the first few of its kind and it will want
them wanting more. Ultimately, the book is worth reading as it is a very
exciting one. It will make you smile, sad, cry and laugh. In the end, the book
will make you wonder about life and you will learn to appreciate the people
around you. That is what it did to me.

My favourite quote from the book is “We all want
everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or
outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is