Introduction: 5%. The signed document although was pursued by


The workings of AutoZone Industry has been affected negatively after some of the employees have decided to go for a protest against the Industry. This plan was moving in the company from last two weeks. It was also noticed that some of the product of the company was also going wasted due to the less concentration of the employees of the industry towards the work.  There was a lot of negotiations took place amongst the employees and the higher management in last two weeks regarding the salaries of the workers (“Crisis Communication Planning,” 2012). The previous CEO of AutoZone industry signed an agreement with the workers and promised them that their salaries will increase every year with the rate of 5%. The signed document although was pursued by the new CEO as well but, the employees are asking to establish a new agreement and increase the salaries with a percentage of 10% per annum. The protest started against the company when the workers union association had a meeting with the representatives of the employees and advised them to Slow down at work until or unless the Higher management surrenders in front of them.

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Management of the Press Conference:

            Due to the fact that “AutoZone Industry” is a humongous name in the market so this issue has got very notorious in general public by way of the Independent media. So understanding the need of the time a “News Conference” has been called to clear the dust on some hidden issues that are also affecting negatively the minds of the stakeholders. According to the expectation of the media cell of the company, the big media companies of the country such as BBC news, CNN, Fox News, New York Times etc, will be present in the news conference. The direction towards the designated places for the reporters of different broadcasting companies is the responsibility of the Chief Security Officer of the company (“Chapter 6. Communications to Promote Interest | Section 8. Arranging a Press Conference | Main Section | Community Tool Box,” 2017). The arrangement of the speeches and the Question answer part will be organized in such a way that first the Legal representative of the company Mr. “Nicholas McKenzie” will be having a word with the media members and will Shed light on the legal aspects of the case. After his speech, I being a CEO of the company will receive the question from the Media members and will answer them accordingly. The designated time for this part is around 15 to 20 minutes.

Relationship with Media (Speech of the CEO) :

Dear, member of the media,  Right now I am not happy to describe the issue that the AutoZone Industry is facing at the moment, however, it is necessary to describe, to clear the negativity that is taking place in the minds of the general public and most importantly in the minds of the Stakeholders. As everyone knows that at this time the AutoZone industry is passing through the worst time due to the lockdown of the workers of the industries. It is estimated that in the last two weeks the company has affected by a loss of around 1.75 billion dollars and according to the expertise of the finance department member, this loos can increase up to 6 billion dollars if the workers did not start working again.

There were some rumors when I took over this company as CEO that I will declare the previous agreement Null and void that took place between the workers and the Ex-CEO of the company because I reviewed the documents and came to know that our workers are already higher paid than any other company,s workers. But I retained that agreement. Now with the advice of our legal team, we have prepared a proposal for the workers to came on to a desk and come up with some reasonable solutions. We have made a committee who will make effective discussion on this issue with the worker,s representatives and will surely resolve this matter quite gently.



Tricky Question from the Reporters:

During the Press conference, it is obvious that the media members will ask different questions and will ask the CEO further elaborate the issue and for that, the Medial Members can ask the below mentioned tricky Questions (Smith, 2014).

1.      Will the AutoZone Industry pay the workers for the days they protested instead of working? The Answer from the CEO should be concise and will turn it towards the legal aspects in regard.

2.      When are you expecting this protest to be ended? CEO should answer that the committee have been made for discussion and they will try to get this matter wrapped up as soon as possible.

3.      What are your views about Powerful trade union who are currently hostage your companies operations? The CEO should answer that the Trade union do have the right to fight for their members but it does not mean that they always suggest protest to their members. There are many ways to which the problems can be sorted out. I would just say that the Trade union are misusing their powers.


The Press Conference was very necessary for conveying the clear message to the General Public and to the stakeholders, to let them know that what is happening in the company. The speech of the CEO has given a clear idea of the progress and initiatives taken in order to wrap up the Protest and to start the working operations once again in the company. The press conference will also assure the general public that the situation is under control now.