Interpreters 30. It is revealed that, he was fond

have played a crucial role in establishing the current peace humans are able to
enjoy through negotiating and interpreting. The role an interpreter has in
history isn’t widely mentioned and they are usually forgotten and not given
credit. They have existed since the dawn of humankind to enable to groups of
people that doesn’t share a common tongue to communicate and till today, they
still continue to do so. Historically, they helped in trading and businesses,
some helped with negotiating territorial rights or even war. Like La Malinche,
she had a hand in the success of Conquest of Mexico by helping the Spaniards. One
of the most popular interpreter and diplomat in the history of America is
Vernon Walters.


Walters, was an interpreter that was recognised and respected for his services
to his homeland, America. He was more than an interpreter, he played a vital
role in fighting for and maintaining the peace Americans currently enjoys. He
was born in New York on January 3rd 1971 to a father that was a
British immigrant and an American Mother and the youngest of three children. At
the age of six, the whole family decided to move to Britain and France and
settled there. He left school at the age of 16 with just high school as highest
formal education, didn’t attend any university and moved back to America to
work. While having lived in English and French speaking countries and attending
the schools there, he is as fluent as a native for both languages.

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He joined
the army in 1941, at the age of 30. It is revealed that, he was fond of telling
his friends or close acquaintances that ‘Adolf
Hitler did at least one good deed in his life. He got me out of my father’s
insurance company – with my father’s blessing.”. He was really glad
that he left his father’s insurance company to get enlisted to be part of the
army for world war two to contribute for his country. He was serving in Italy
and Africa during World War 2. While serving as an infantry there, presumably,
it is where he started to pick up the language Italian and became fluent in it.