INFRA-RED the mains. The physical effects of Infra-Red on



The equipment and the type of current used

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Infra-red body equipment
is a lamp which houses the infra-red bulb. 
As an extra safety precaution, most lamps will have a cage to catch the
bulb should it dislodge from the housing. 
This ensures the client will never be burned by the bulb.  A control dial will be on the lamp to allow
the intensity to be increased as required. The lamp will have a long flex lead
to power it to the mains. 





The physical effects of Infra-Red on the Body


• There will be a rise
in body temperature due to heat being applied to an area.  This heat will radiate through the surrounding

• The body’s metabolism
is sped up due to the increase of heat. 
This increases the body’s need for oxygen and nutrients and speeds up
the excretion of the body’s toxins and waster. 
The increase in metabolic rate will be greatest where the heating is most

• The muscle tissue is
affected in two ways.  In the first
instance the increase in temperature promotes muscle relaxation and alleviate tension and pain.  Secondly, the increase in circulation
provides the nutrients and oxygen necessary for muscle contraction and the
removal of waste is sped up.

• Vasodilation happens due
to the heat on the blood vessels which increases the blood circulation.  Blood flow increases in the vessels to cool
the area.

• Blood pressure
decreases due to the superficial blood vessels expanding.

• Increase in heart rate
due to metabolism and circulation speeding up. 
The heart beats quicker to meet the increased demand.

• Sudoriferous activity
is increased due to vasodilation effect (this will bring about further
elimination of waste products due to increased perspiration).

• There is a soothing
effect on the sensory nerve endings.



Unwanted side effects of Infra-Red Treatment



Fainting or Nausea


Burning of the skin

Permanent eye injury

Over exposure can cause a brownish/purple mottled
look to the skin due to the breakdown of the red blood cells and the release of




The timing, duration and sequence of Infra-Red


An in-depth consultation before any treatment
should always be carried out to rule out any contra indications or special care

A hot and sensitivity test should be carried out by
using two test tubes one filled with hot water and one filled with cold water.  The client should have their eyes closed
whilst the therapist touches the client with one of the test tubes randomly on
the area that is to be treated.  By
alternating the test tubes, the client should be able to tell which is hot and
which is cold.  If the client cannot tell
the difference, then the clients sensation is impaired, and treatment shouldn’t
be carried out.

Ensure you are familiar with the manufacturer’s
instructions on how to operate the equipment.

Before switching the lamp on ensure that the bulb
is secure and that the lamp is stable, and that the lamp is in a good working

The clients skin should be free from products and
sebum.  To do this a cleanser should be used
and the client’s skin dried thoroughly.

The lamp should be pre-heated if required

The lamp should be positioned parallel to the area being
treated so the waves penetrate to maximum effect.   It should be set between 21-24 inches.

Always make sure the client’s eyes are never
exposed to the light by covering them.

The treatment time is on average 10 mins

Never leave the client unattended




Cleaning/sterilising methods


The lamp should be wiped
down with surgical spirit once it has cooled.