Information pedagogical possibilities of ICT utilization and provides support

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has progressed toward becoming an important driver of ordinary life and economic activity in the present world. The on-going technology revolution comprises new techniques for capturing, processing, storing and presenting data and is skilled about expanding efficiency and competitiveness via data procurement (Mangesi 2010). The development in number and variety of ICT has indicated an essential shift in educating and training procedures (Wood 1995, Duggan, Hess et al. 2001). It might be asserted that ICT utilization as a method of communication and a basis of data should support to make the educating and learning process further efficient for people in diverse educational situations (Higgins 2003). ICT utilization can develop the education environment without the restrictions of the classroom and support group study and independent learning. The function of the educator and pre-task arranging are recognized to be major topics in a learning situation. Walker (2003, P. 220) asserts that the “Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) program could be beneficial to the students but … factors such as tutor presence and pre-planning of the task and facilitation style were significant factors in the success of the lesson.”

E-mail, for example, motivates students with independent learning and enables them to study autonomously (Warschauer 1995). Organizations and associations of higher learning are gradually accepting ICT as instruments for education, communication, collaboration, syllabus enhancement, and staff improvement. The literature revision discloses an enormous amount of instructional resources that discover the possibility that ICT holds in the field of instruction. Many books are published to assist interested educators to utilize ICT in their lessons and to deliver collections of activities for classroom usage (Dudeney 2000). A review of the global literature confirms several pedagogical possibilities of ICT utilization and provides support for the integration of technology in educational situations.

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Cuban (1986) explains some of the patterns that have emerged in technology acceptance in education. Since the 1920’s Cuban (1986) studied the classroom that incorporates technology including the use of radio, film, instructional television and the early use of Pcs. He distinguished a series of technological innovation that is comparable to past innovations in instructional technology that have occurred within the past century such as radio, film, instructional television, and computer-assisted teaching. He defines this series as starting out through the presentation of the latest