Individual in the United Kingdom or even the world.

Individual Report

For this assignment I will be writing
a report for my chosen organisation which is
Brown Fashion. Browns is a fashion boutique based in
London, England. It was founded by Joan Burstein and husband Sidney in 1970.
The business sells latest designer clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery for men
and women.  The
Browns Fashion is known as the “temple of style in the heart of London.” The
organisation has launched the careers of countless
leading fashion designers since 1970 which Browns Fashion maybe most important fashion destination in the United
Kingdom or even the world. The purpose of me
writing this report is to consult the organisation concerned and the nature of
the business. The information I will be discussing the elements that make up
the organisations Macro Environment. I will use PESTLE to analysis the
environment of Browns Fashion. The PESTLE analysis is used to identify the
external forces affecting a organisation in making up the Macro environment. From there I will give justification for the decision
made from PESTLE analysis that it impacts Browns Fashion. Through this report
critically asses how Browns Fashion use technology that play part in the
business environment. I will mention on the business demonstrate the use IT
information and technology and IS information system play in business
environment of Browns Fashion.

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environment is the most unpredictable of all eternal factors that affect
organisation. The Political factors has direct and indirect effects on
organisations which laws has an effect on Browns Fashion that has a political meaning
to it. With political factors it makes it effective of Browns Fashion strategy
and process. Also for indirect effects of political factor this affects
stakeholders within the organisation that have indirect effect on Browns
Fashion.  The political factors affect
the Work force of Browns Fashion. From my research that I found it indicates
that, around 15% of Brown Fashion employee are from EU, which when Brexit is
concluded, employees are so uncertain if they will still be able to work in UK,
Consequently Browns Fashion as an organisation might be facing staffing issues
and might be pressured to take staff that are not highly qualified, in order to
meet up with it’s the standard. Since Browns Fashion is in the fashion industry
political ensure that the business is following government regulations that
allows to influence success.

The economic factor
may determine environment changes that might impact the planning and management
of organisations. The Economic factors on Browns Fashion make an impact to the
organisation because it is in fashion industry which this is considered one of
the key industries in the global economy. The affect economic boom periods of
the economy allow people to have more disposable income. Due to this it has
positive impact of Browns Fashion because people will be purchasing more
allowing sales to increases. Therefore, changes of recession affect the Browns
Fashion because due to the economic failure of trade and manufacturing activity
that has been reduced by of the decrease amount of GDP. Recession impacts Browns Fashion sales because it determines on
customers on spending more on products. In the time being, there is no
recession which the state of employment changes due to that people are working
more. Consumers’ buying power has increased which customers are spending more
when shopping. This is a good thing for Browns Fashion because people will be
spending more on their clothing products allowing sales to increase.

However, Browns
Fashion being the fashion industry adds to the economy since it is one of the
biggest UK fashion base business. Therefore, the competition rate of Browns
Fashion is big because there stores and individual brands that will have
negative impact on the organisation and their sales and profits. On the other
hand, there are customers who have less disposable income often go to a store
that offer cheaper clothing range products which this can have effect on Browns
Fashion because their products expensive. Due to this not that much people will
purchase their product. Also, this has negative impact on Browns Fashion
because people not purchasing their clothing products then may lead to having
large amount stock left. Clothing manufacturers
and retailers like Browns Fashion may also need to sell lower-priced clothing
brands to compete with more generic brands from other stores like Next and

factors of Browns Fashion help them grow their business that impacts society.
For Browns Fashion a number of social factors has affected the society level of
customers in making shopping decisions and what brand of clothing they prefer
to shop. Since the business Browns Fashion is a fast fashion brand they have
brought affordable and good quality clothing products. Changes in fashion is social
factor that affects Browns Fashion. This is because people may new styles of
clothing that people want to purchase it which changes affect society of people
buying decisions. In this way, fashions evolve and constantly change over time
which Fashion business like Browns Fashion keeps up with the trend clothing
range product. The effect of Customer level of income is social aspect which
the level of income can determine if customers are willing pay products from
Brown Fashion rather than going to another store. Due to the demographic makeup
of the population that keeps on changing. Due to this it has impacts serval
important changes that Browns Fashion has to face these challenges. For instant Browns
Fashion products, they offer to customer are aiming to be beneficial and
complement to customers lifestyle and behaviour.  Changes may occur of customers lifestyle and
behaviour which it is important that Browns Fashion need to respond to
customers lifestyle and behaviour. If the business does not respond to changes
in society they will lose market share and demand for their products and

factors play an important for Browns Fashion. Browns Fashion is in the 21st
which Technology is a key attribute that has helped the Fashion organisation to
grow. Therefore, with technology is has increase globalization for the
business. The use of IT software and Technology devices has increased meaning
people and businesses are using it more often which Browns Fashion makes good
use of the technology. Customers can mobile and any other technology devices to
access online shopping to purchase products for instance Browns Fashion has an
online website that allows customers to look and purchase products. Due to the
changes of technology that has a positive impact on Browns Fashion sales,
marketing and consumer choices. Keeping up technology has benefited Browns
Fashion in terms of overseas expansion of the business. The Ecommerce has
helped the business to expand and able to sell to large customers with help of
technology. The use of Information technology
for Browns Fashion is helpful to them because Information Technology allows the
business to showcase external and internal images that make an impact on the
business performance. For information system this allows Browns Fashion to collect
and store information with the use of technology. Information about customers
that purchase is a source they collect which they could use the information
understand a lot of things that may benefit the business for example
information customer buying habits when they purchase products from Browns
Fashion. Also, Technology makes it easier to communicate with customer in all
sorts of way. This allows Browns Fashion to develop relationship with customer making
it effective. For example, this could apps that are on people smartphones which
Browns Fashion developed an app that allows access to many things about their
business which they could shop for clothing or footwear products or it could
allow customers to find the nearest branch or check the facilities and product
availability at a branch before making a visit.

For Legal factors
that affects Browns Fashion are important in order the business to comply
ethics focusing areas for brands they are working actively in direction. trade
embargo against another company’s imports would force clothing wholesalers to
find different suppliers. With employment regulations laws that introduce by
the government affects Browns Fashion because it makes it compulsory of
workplace legislation for Browns Fashion to contribute 3% of employee’s
workplace pension eligible for workers for this organisation. With Environmental
laws placed by the government it has made it tougher for Brown Fashion. Therefore,
laws placed on trading international are required agreement by the government.
This affects Browns Fashion on international trade of clothing products because
the regulation placed on importing and exporting clothing products
internationally has restriction on what the business does. The business has to
legally follows laws that are set by the government. Health and safety
legislation which this law is aimed to ensure that the workplace of Browns
Fashion is safe for employees to work at. Another law that Browns Fashion
complies is Employment legislation which this ensure that the management of
Browns Fashion to employees is fair for example the working hours and minimum
wages. They aim to protect employees against the abuse
of power by managers

Environmental factors of Browns Fashion, they are usually careful of their
carbon footprint making sure that they are globally friendly to the environment.
For Browns Fashion they mainly want to show that they are eco-friendly to environment.
The organisation focuses on sustainability of clothing product. The
organisation features a sustainable story in which adds bonus of being eco-friendly
business by mentioning bio of each the clothing brands. In this
sense, Browns is making sustainable fashion products work for them in a way
that speaks to its own image and the way its customers shops. On the other
hand, with image they are showing they are environmentally friendly which the
things they are planning to do supporting the environmentally image is using
more environment friendly raw materials, packaging and operations. Browns
Fashion wants to show that they are environmentally friendly so that they would
have positive image to customers. By doing keeping their business environment
friendly Browns Fashion are working in the direction of expansion of
productivity in which the minimization of carbon footprint.

The use of PESTLE
analysis makes up its Microenvironment environment for Browns Fashion due to
identifying the external factors that affects the business.  The Macroenvironmental factors that affects
Browns Fashion due elements that make Macroenvironmental factors contains
external forces that affecting Browns Fashion which can’t directly control.
Thus, instead Browns Fashion need to manage their macro environment in a way
that benefits that allows the business to be successful. Organisations like
Browns Fashion adapts to the Macroenvironmental
factors, which include consumer characteristics, technology, government
influence and the economy. The way small companies adapt to macroenvironmental
factors determines both their ability to differentiate themselves from key
competitors and overall success.

Overall, I would
like the report by briefly saying that a PESTLE analysis of the environment of
Browns Fashion is a key element in that makes up the business in being
Macroenvironmental. Throughout the report I have used the PESTLE analysis to
identify key issues and how it affects the organisation. One of the key issues
I talked about is it affects the Browns Fashion employee. Due to Brexit
Employees who are from EU, are so uncertain if they will still be able to work
in UK causing an issue to Browns Fashion. Another key issue that I have
mentioned above is that trade embargo against another company’s imports would
force clothing wholesalers to find different suppliers affecting Browns Fashion
which will be cause difficulties in importing clothing products. Having reached these conclusions, the elements that
make up Macro environment is essentially neutral for
Browns Fashion at the moment and that the success of the business will be
largely dependent upon whether managers of the business capitalise upon the stated
opportunities or allow the challenges to see Browns Fashion that make
impact to Macroenvironment