Indian culture and heritage of India are the oldest

Indian heritage and culture have always been an inspiration for most of the Indian as well as international designers. The intricacy in designs, beautiful textures, fabrics, jewelry, rich and vibrant colors always give the designers a pull to create young and beautiful collections. As we can see, variations of salwars, draped sarees and kurtis,in the collections of few of the international designer. If one has to talk about the fabrics, one can write about hundreds of articles. But if i personally have to talk or write about one, the fabric which has inspired me a lot is Brocade, one of the beautiful royal fabrics of Indian. The fabric is shuttle woven and made with intricate patterns with colored silk and gold or silver threads. These fabrics always give an appearance of embroidery affect in their weave. The colors used in the fabrics again are rich colors or can say royal key colors such as royal blue, emerald green, Fuchsia which always add to its diversity.When we talk about the intricacy in patterns/ designs, another thing which comes to one’s mind is mehndi, the ethnic patterns, again revive us with its beautiful stories from the times of Indian royals. All these have always inspired me and give me a second thought to give more value to our own heritage and culture. Indian artisans have always made this word “fashion” alive with their hardcore work inputs. The artisans and their work inputs in few of the embroidery techniques like kantha and zardozi have made us feel proud.No doubt the culture and heritage of India are the oldest among all, but their tremendous works have always made the Indian heritage and culture on top of others. Wooden Blocks again with lot of intricacy have always appealed to the new trendsetters for making their collection look more traditional and colorful. In Blocks images of animals, birds and motifs of flowers and leaves, inspired from nature are carved.