In with us in ensuring that the rights of

In October 10, 2017Euro
supported and equipped a motor vehicle crime expert to the Madrid was deployed with
a mobile office and Universal Forensic Extraction Device UFED for extraction of
data and information from the post phones. These supported operations on the
ground use   for real time cross-checks.  The links were identified as a result of
cross checks that lead investigations into robbery of vehicle and drug trafficking.  The government jointed international
organizations Europol to warn the citizens of Spain that they may be prosecuted
for such acts of crimes committed overseas.  The huge factor of these jointed Actions is to
demoralize international sex tourism in the country.  Its efforts for reducing the demand to forced
labor contained percent increase in civil guard labor inspections and also the
government increased their operation with Romanian Law Officials enforcement against
trafficking rings and supporting  public
awareness campaigns to workers about their employment rights. As per result,
the labor trafficking of Spain has decreased more than 30 percent over the past
10 years. The military of Spain had anti-trafficking training about movement on
international peacekeeping missions.

            The Spain supported or agreed on international battle
against human trafficking in conflict situations which contain the protection
for people especially woman and girls. The Spain presented  the UN Resolution for Council’s unanimous
adoption of Resolution 233/co-sponsored by 60 states target of putting an end
to trafficking and was adopted during a ministerial debates summoned by Prime
Minister Mariano Rajoy  of Spain, the council
president for December 2016.

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UNCHR and the host country should enhance its 
 monitoring to the targeted
organizations for human trafficking.  The
government should amend or add its laws on trafficking of refugees.  Both of them should strengthen the policies
under the   1951  Geneva Refugee 
Convention of 145 states or nation participants and its 1967 Protocol.  This contains the rights and protections of
the refugees.  According to it, the
government should not return the refugees to the country where  their lives have been threatening. The
countries must expect to cooperate with us in ensuring that the rights of
refugees are respected and protected. As per report of Ines Benitez of
aljazeera, If the authorities in Spain find signs that an undocumented
immigrant is a victim of trafficking, they must inform her/he that she/he has a
30-day grace period, when deportation procedures are suspended. During that
period, she or he receives advice and support from specialist organizations,
and decides whether to report the crime and work with the police and judicial
authorities in the investigation. If she or he cooperates, she or he is
eligible for a residency permit, under a 2009 reform of the law on aliens. “It’s
a problem for the prosecution of the crime to be based on whether or not the
victim files a formal complaint. And that means not deporting them to their
countries of origin, where their lives may be in danger, Maleno said. These institutions
or organizations should be targeted as sponsors of human trafficking : International Labor Organization (ILO),
Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women,
Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UNGIFT),
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC),
Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong
Sub-region (UNIAP), United Nations Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in
Persons, Especially Women and Children, European Union,
for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE),
Aid, Anti-Slavery
International, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW),
for Gender and Refugee Studies (CGRS), Human
Rights Watch (HRW), 
National Human Trafficking Resource Center,
Association Commission Católica Española de Migración (ENPATES), European NGOs
Platform Against Trafficking and Exploitation and Slavery (ENPATES), Association
for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (APRAMP) and Organization
for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).  The government must maintain strong law
enforcement efforts that prohibits all forms of both sex and labor trafficking
in order to protect the refugees. The Article 177 bis of its criminal code,
which prescribes penalties for other serious crimes, such as rape  from five to eight years’ imprisonment. Liliana
Lyra Jubilut, Professor of International Law, Human Rights and Refugee Law
said, the true current rhetoric of “refugee crisis” is a lack of political will
to protect refugees. This is observed by closing of borders presented as
“national security”, the securitization and criminalization of migration and
migrants of a country. Countries are not rejecting human rights instead, they
embrace the logic of “human rights but” for reasons that they claim that other
concerns such as national security and economic protection, etc. are more
relevant and should take priority. Because of this logic, it creates a huge gap
for the protection needs of refugees and what countries are willing to provide.
 The concerned or host country will  provide the fast help to those people who are
forced to flee like emergency teams, providing their food, shelter, water and
medical supplies, a flotilla of small boats and major airlifts for a large
number of fleeing civilians. To meet these needs, UNHCR must improve its global
network of suppliers, agencies and partners. Promoting Refugee Protection –
Promoting accession to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees
and its 1967 Protocol. For assisting the countries to revise their legislation  on the  national refugee, as well as instructions and
operational guidelines, implementation of national refugee status,
determination procedures are included. Technical and financial support for law schools,
governmental agencies including the police and the army.  Support for human rights and refugee rights
advocacy groups, legal aid centers and non-governmental organizations with an
interest in refugee protection. These are the organisations that could help
them . UNODC, UNHCHR, UNICEF, IOM, OSCE and “Women Leading for Livelihoods” (WLL)