In what is the main business activity of Finnebrogue,

In conducting an internal audit, begin with the company

Firstly, provide a brief overview of the company structure:

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Is it publicly or privately owned

Who are the main shareholders

Are there any associated organisations

What are the key departments and their
relationships with Finnebrogue

Provide a number of employees

When was the company established

Follow this on with what is the main business activity of
Finnebrogue, its industry, the main industry trends in UK, list the target
market segments in UK and show the customers.

Show Finnebrogue’s revenue for the previous 2/3 years.

Describe Finnebrogue’s products in terms of:

The size of the product range

Features of the product

Its benefits

Is there a revenue contribution from major

List the company’s main managers and their skills and
expertise. How can they benefit an international venture?

Are there any competitors with similar or superior products?

In terms of R, what percentage of the revenue can
Finnebrogue allocate?

Show the current patents for Finnebrogue’s products?

Are there any products in the pipeline?

Provide Finnebrogue’s position in its domestic market – is it
a market leader, is it following a trend etc.

What are the main competitors in the UK, what are their
products and are they locally soucreed, produced, imported or exported and provide
their market share respectively.

Does Finnebrogue already access to export and are there any
potential outsourcing issues?

List the primary financial resources:

Can the current revenue support potential international
market entry

When will Finnebrogue be able to allocate the potential

Any potential accessibility issues for said

Are there any potential limits to assigning
resources to overseas venture