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In the way people move around their community’s public transportation systems is themain problem which play an increasingly important role. It is a very cost effective modeof transport. Due to cause of heavy traffic and roadwork etc., most of the buses aredelayed in time. At the bus terminus people have to wait for long time without evenknowing when the bus will arrive. Anybody who wants to use the public transportationsystem can't find the time of arrival of particular bus at the particular destination even attheir homes and plan their departure from home accordingly. But due to unexpecteddelays in traffic congestion the bus arrival time cannot be guaranteed. Our main focus isto provide such a system to remote user which will reduce waiting time for bus and willprovide him with all necessary details regarding the arrival/departure time of the bus, itsreal location and expected waiting time. So to find out the current location of a bus andthe dynamic arrival time a systematic tracking system is required. For best trackingresult, GPS and GSM technology can be used. For tracking a vehicle the GPS and GSMbased system can provide all specifications that are necessary. Our proposed system canfind the location of the bus and inform the central controller at the bus terminal. Once thisinformation is uploaded in the server and then the commuter can access the informationvia the web based application using internet even at their homes or any work place.Additionally, our system also provides a web based application which is interfaced withIOT which displays all transmitted information to the end user along with location of thebus on the web. A web application has an internal global timer which refreshes thetracking application after every forty seconds and collects the latest location and othercustomized vehicle parameters and updates the end user with the latest information of thebus. By helping travelers move from single occupancy vehicles to public transportationsystems, it can reduce traffic congestion as well as environmental Impact. Our goal is toincrease the public transportation and satisfaction of current public transportation usersand help to motivate more people to ride. If remote users who wish to use publictransportation had an easy way to see which bus is near to their location and approximatetime it will take to reach the particular stop, in real time, then they can make a moreaccurate decision of whether or not to wait at a stop. Our proposed system will providepedestrians with this convenience. The location of bus is determined by using GPS andthen the information is transmitted. The transmission can be terrestrial radio or cellularconnection, satellite from the bus to a radio receiver, satellite or nearby cell tower. Oncethe location data along with other custom