In we can prevent diseases or we can diagnose

In these days, curing a disease is much more expensive than preventing
it from the very start. Even though we have the greatest possibilities in the
medical field it still costs a lot. To lower the expenditure in health care
and live a healthy, disease-free life we should promote preventive medicine and
raising awareness should be our main goal.


about 80 percent of healthcare spending in Turkey is largely for chronic
diseases which can be prevented with giving information to people in risk groups
such as diabetes and heart disease. With the support of preventive medicine we
can prevent diseases or we can diagnose them in early stages which will lower
the mortality rate of the disease. For example, the cost would be less in
comparison with the next stages in cancer treatment.

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Some disease
prevention programs do produce net money savings, such as childhood
immunizations and probably some adult immunizations. Vaccines are cheap, and
large amounts of people are defenseless to the diseases prevented by vaccines. The
money spent to vaccines are less than providing treatment to the disease

To mention some
examples on how to improve preventive medicine; for Hepatitis B, a vaccine
would be very useful in develop immunity for the disease from the very
beginning. It would prevent the patient from suffering acute or chronic
Hepatitis which can lead to cirrhosis.


presentations and trainings can be a part of school programs and also be shown
on televisions. This will lead to children and people being more educated about
their health and can prevent them from getting parasites and microbial

We need a more uniting
approach to health and health care if we really want to help Turkish people
enjoy longer and healthier lives. Changing
the system won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight, but to have a better

 care system and lower health care costs are
aims we all can embrace for the good health of the country. The plan is “to move from sick care to health care” by
putting more resources into preventing chronic disease rather than treating it,
as the current system does.