In up until this point were about the definition

In my opinion, what I have learned is a mixture of creative and innovative thinking – in other words, the process of changing a concept into a valuable product. Indeed, in this course we had the opportunity to explore both theory and practice, and share ideas. By analyzing, arguing, critiquing, and researching, we learned different approaches to problem identification in a team.

My key learnings up until this point were about the definition of creativity and its importance in business. As I understand it, creativity is function of knowledge, imagination, evaluation and curiosity. Creativity is based on knowledge and level of curiosity; by combining new patterns, ideas and risk-taking, we can craft new and innovate services or products.

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 I’m an architect, and creativity and innovative thinking are the most important parts of my job. Creativity includes three important step which are discovery, innovation and creation.

Discovery is when we become aware or stumble on something. For example, when I see a shape or pattern in nature, like a rock with unique shape, or a piece of wood with interesting pattern, I can get an idea from the shape that I can use in a valuable design. In this way art was discovered, and in art many inventions started with a discovery.

Innovation is the implementing of something new. For example, when designing a building, I might ask myself if sustainability should be a factor in my design choices; if the answer is yes, then that will change the way I go about designing. It might take longer, but it will happen.

Creation is the last step of creativity. For example, if I want to design the plan the way my customer wants, but during implementation of final phase, we have some technical problem that requires a change in the plan or design, I have to have ability to match my ideas and my customer’s ideas to achieve a valuable product.

Finally, we might define innovative ideas as an inspiration from nature or from team group which yield products that never seen before that will delight our customers.