In they become successful. Here is a diagram to

In this essay I’m going to
be talking about Goats that can produce spider silk.

The problem that scientists are
facing right now is that they want to produce spider silk for making artificial
ligaments and tendons for eye sutures and for jaw repairs1 because a lot of people often damage their jaws and ligaments which
means they need new ligaments or immediate treatment that can only be done with
spider silk. I
think that this is a major problem and I will introduce you to it and its
solutions in this essay.

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solve this problem, Scientists have developed goats that are able to produce milk
that contains an extra protein which is then extracted and spun into spider
silk.2 This Protein is called Biosteel.
Biosteel was a trademark name for a high-strength fiber-based material made of
the recombinant spider silk-like protein extracted from the milk of transgenic
goats. It is reportedly 7-10 times as strong as steel if compared to the same
weight 3. In
my opinion this is a good solution because this way they are able to put the
goats in bigger groups or farms without ending up with most of them dead being
the result of goats not being territorial. The way they get the goats to produce
spider silk is pretty simple yet complicated at the same time. Basically, the
scientists take a silk producing gene from a spider and inject it into a goat
after that, they test the goat’s silk producing abilities. Here is a diagram to
show the full procedure of transferring the cell.





(Diagram5 )



they are successful they will keep cloning the goat until they have farms and
farms of them. However, if they are not successful they keep trying with
different methods until they become successful. Here is a diagram to further
explain the method of cloning animals.






issue affects many people and is sometimes the cause of patients not being able
to be treated or even, in worst cases, the cause of someone dying. Environment
is also affected by this issue however in a good way, spider silk is completely
environmentally friendly 3 and does
not harm the environment at all. This effect is an advantage because spider
silk is a very useful and rare item and it is also environmentally friendly so
we can use it for anything we want without having to worry about the harm it’s
going to do to the environment.


Disadvantages of the Solution:


On the other hand, there is a negative effect on society, when there is
not enough spider silk produced there can sometimes be major cases where a
patient needs to be treated immediately and they do not have the right medicine
for them which could include spider silk. It usually takes a lot of time for spiders to
produce silk alone. They have tried putting the spiders in farms however,
because spiders are territorial they end up killing each other. This problem is
a global issue and is affecting many people in many countries all around the world,
sometimes even it gets to the point that some people need medication using
spider silk and there is not enough so they may end up dying.



Is this a good solution to the problem?

I think that this is a very
reliable solution since it works every time and all they have to do is keep
cloning the spider silk producing goats to get more and more of them. However,
it is an expensive solution because they will need to use professional science
tools to transfer the correct genes from the spider to the goat and also they
will need to do a lot of expensive studies that will cost them a lot of money
otherwise, they will not be able to find out the correct gene that needs to be
transferred and could end up transferring the wrong gene which could result
with the goat not producing the milk that they want. Not everyone has access to
spider silk or even the spider silk producing goat milk since right now it is a
very rare item and once the spider silk is produced it will be very expensive
and the treatments that require spider silk in hospitals will get more
expensive so not everyone will have access to it.

This solution (Spider silk)
does not affect the human health in a negative way, however it affects it in a
positive way since it helps most cases to be treated and healed. This solution
affects the environment in a positive way because spider silk is a material
that is environmentally friendly since it is produced from natural sources
(Animals). This solution is in development and not experimental because they
are starting to already produce spider silk from goat milk and use it in
medical treatments. In my opinion, there are no other nasty consequences associated
with this solution because it is a generally positive solution to the
environment and medical issues.





Overall, I think that
producing spider silk from goat milk is a positive solution that will help the
environment and medical development more because it solves a lot of problems
that were causing people to die. I would recommend that this science is used
mainly to cure medical problems and not wasted in other things like armor or
bulletproof jackets, I think that scientists are responsible to do so because
they shouldn’t allow people to waste the spider silk that is becoming hard to
get and use it only to save people’s lives.