In the action and progress that a person can

preparation for the personal career is important for graduate student before
their came in the real world of work. Definition of career refers to the action
and progress that a person can take in life and in relation to the job that have
been chosen Besides that, career is often composed of the jobs held, titles
earned and work accomplished over a long period of time, rather than just
referring to one position. Career is the word important for graduate student
after their finish studies because their want to getting experience, earned
self-income itself, received reward from their occupations, and another goal
those related with their career. A Seminar Entrepreneurship is one of the subjects
that need to be taken in final year it help a lot in preparation for personal

seminar is one of group meeting that will led by the an expert that will
focuses on the specified topic that will discuss together among that group
meeting such as current issues like economic, social problem and etc. This
seminar will participant such as job searches or a university filed. Seminar usually
will held short time or taken a few days, multiple speakers will shares the perspectives
and issues that are related to the topic. From that seminar had been held give
a positive impact for students as they have learned to communicate be better, learning
to operate the event perfectly to ensure the programs are running smoothly. Then
attend or held the seminar able to increase level communication skills, gaining
expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation for the
speaker and the audience. Such as seminar have been held like Being the
visionary and chronic customer from this seminar give positive feedback from audience
that their able to gain knowledge of that issues has be discus during that

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level communication skill from the seminar it have been held is the way to success
in many aspects of life include in career. As we can see that many jobs nowadays
 are require high communication skill
from this it able to build the connection between co-worker, teamwork, and able
to build the greater trust and respect between teamwork, and able to the
problem with smoothly when have problem between co-worker or teamwork.

is gain knowledge and experience during the seminar.  As speaker able to share the opinion and knowledge
with other about the issues of the topic, then also able getting respond from audience
of the topic. This is because the more knowledge shared more and
more will get. Gain knowledge and experience during the seminar is a valuable
practical experience shared. For example, being the visionary seminar
entrepreneurship is an attempt to show the importance of vision that needs to
exist for every individual, organizational and others from the speaker’s own
experience sharing their own experiences.

 Furthermore, from these seminars it provides
knowledge to students about the issues commonly encountered in the real world
of employment. For example, the Chronic customer seminar has been providing
students with knowledge about the issues in which the customer service is
facing this chronic customer problem. This is because of the issues of the
topic seminar has shown that every customer has a distinctive temperament. From
the seminar, students are aware that this chronic customer has its own
advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, this entrepreneurship seminar has done
many good advantages for students as they prepare for personal career.