In that we gathered, it could be concluded that

In this era, globalization seems to be
stronger than before. It makes so many changes happens
in this world starting from technologies, informations,
economy, attitude, knowledge, and even social culture. With all those
globalization effect, it makes Indonesia
not standing by itself anymore. Indonesia is now standing in the middle of an
open world which there is no border line
with the other countries.


With globalization, the competition between
individual self inside their circle of environment
in this world become more strict. But if we have to compare Indonesia to the
other countries, Indonesians’ compete spirit could be classified as ‘low’. Of course this is based from the quality of its education, which is very later than the
other countries. According to UNESCO from our ratings of human development
index, means the composition from ratings of development education, health and incomes, Indonesia placed 57th
of 115 countries on that aspect.

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With the data that we gathered, it could be
concluded that education becomes a very important problem to solve because
education is the main aspect for the attempt to develope
Indonesia’s human resource so it can help to develop the country. That is why
we should have develope the human
resource, so Indonesia will not lose and can compete
their human resources with the other countries.


Some of the reasons why quality of education in Indonesia is considered


Low of awareness on the importance of Education

The cost of getting the education needed is
considered high

The facility is unprevailed

The quality of teachers are low and there is
unprevailness of teacher’s distribution

Frequent changes of curriculum

Top-down education’s system.

will be so many effort and Solution we should find to actualize the quality of
educations needed in Indonesia. Everyone’s awareness and