In that Hamlet loves his father and is so

In “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, the main character, Hamlet faces conflict in various accounts with his father, mother, and Claudius his step-father. The conflict between Hamlet and his mother stems from her disbelief that her new husband killed his brother. On the other hand Hamlet suspects his stepfather murdered Hamlet’s biological father. These conflicts within the play give Hamlet a motive to avenge his father’s death and cause him to perform severe actions. The whole play is driven by Hamlet’s love for his father, desire for revenge, and for his mother to realize her new husband is evil. One of the major influences in Hamlet’s life is his father. Hamlet looked up to his father and adored him. He was devastated after his father’s death and does everything in his power to get revenge for his wrongful death. When his father’s ghost appears to him, he views him and his advice as divine or holy. In Act 1, Scene 5 it states that “Murder most foul, as in the best it is, But this most foul, strange, and unnatural.”  Hamlet is remarkably passionate about his father and avenging his  murder that he will do whatever it takes to get revenge. The source of conflict between Hamlet and his father is his father’s death. The fact that he is no longer there to guide Hamlet, as well as the country, to be exemplary. This contributes to the meaning of the work in that Hamlet loves his father and is so determined to avenge his death that he kills whomever and does whatever he has to to get even. Not only does Hamlet have disputes with his dead father, the relationship between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude, is often problematic. In Act 3, Scene 4 Hamlet states that “Mother, you have my father much offended.” Hamlet is disappointed that his mother would marry her late husband’s brother just days after his passing. Which leads Hamlet to question her love for his father. He tries to convince her that Claudius was responsible for King Hamlet’s death, but she becomes livid for offending her husband. Although he is sometimes frustrated with her, Hamlet still loves his mother very much. However, it still deeply troubles him that she would marry Claudius. This is the main conflict between Hamlet and his mother. It contributes to the work because it shows how Claudius is evil and how she is an object of lust for him. Hamlet begins the play with the ghost of King Hamlet telling Hamlet that his uncle and new step-father, Claudius, is evil and that he committed the murder of King Hamlet. He killed King Hamlet because he would then be one step closer to secure his place at the throne. In Act 3, Scene 3 it states “That cannot be, since I am still possessed Of those effects for which I did the murder: My crown, mine own ambition, and my queen”. This establishes that Claudius truly just cares about the power of the throne and the death of king Hamlet as well as the motive at which Claudius chose to kill him inadvertently causes Hamlet to avenge his father’s death. The main conflict between Hamlet and Claudius is the fact that Claudius murdered Hamlet’s father who also tried to murder him as well. Not only that but he is also chasing after the throne for the debauched reasons.Hamlet has conflicts with all three parental figures in the play. His conflict with his father is that his father is no longer alive to guide and nurture him. His conflict with his mother is that she would marry her late husband’s murderer just days after King Hamlet’s tragic death. His conflict with his step-father is that he was the one who murdered his real father as well as tried to kill him too. In the end, none of the three survived. These conflicts shape the play by giving Hamlet motive and basically are the reasons for all of Hamlet’s actions. Hamlet exacts his revenge but at the cost of his own life.