In other mentality prevailed during the period of cementation

In 1970, the first form of the
New Beach was completed, reaching as Karabournaki. Those who have taken it and
walked it, we have to remember many shortcomings or shortcomings in relation to
the jewellery we enjoy today in Thessaloniki, but it should be noted that
another aesthetic and other mentality prevailed during the period of
cementation throughout Greece.

The first plans for its complete
redevelopment were organized in 1997 on the occasion of the “Thessaloniki
Cultural Capital of Europe”, where designs and proposals from European
architects were requested. At that time, the Hall of Music was built at the
point where the older ones remember the Luna Park in Thessaloniki. However, we
had to get to 2008 to actually start the redevelopment works of New Beach in
the track from the Concert Hall to the Navy Club and be completed in 2012.

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While the rest of the Group to the White Tower was delivered in December 2013.

As mentioned above, a 3,5-km coastal front with so many alternative theme parks
have been created only in Thessaloniki. 

In the New Waterfront, there is a
delimited area for cyclists across the coastal front from the Concert Hall to
the harbour. So those who care for their health and choose the bicycle for
their day-to-day travel to the centre, those who seek a sporting game along
with the walk by the sea, those who want to have fun with their friends, their
family and their pets New Beach has taken care of them. With their own bicycle,
or renting one of the private companies operating in the beach area, they can
make an amazing bicycle. In addition to the classic bicycle that serves a
rider, four-wheel cycling for families or large groups and naturally bikes with
baby seats or babies that cannot yet participate in the “pedal” are