In other daughters — Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Mary

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth “Lizzie Bennett and her sister Jane have all but given up on finding interesting men to marry when Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy, and Ms. Bingley show up in their little town. The story takes place in the 1800s England, when the Napoleonic Wars are raging and arranged marriages were the norm. Darcy and Bingley are really rich, which Mrs. Bennett really likes, so she tries to set her daughters up with the men. They all meet at a ball and while Bingley and Jane (for some reason all of the men are called only by their last names here) hit it off right away, Elizabeth and Darcy have some issues because they are both really stubborn. He thinks she is too poor, and she thinks he’s a snob. The Bennetts have three other daughters — Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. Mary is a prude – she prefers to read and play the piano than chase men. Kitty and Lydia make fun of her because they are boy crazy and like chasing soldiers. At the beginning of the book, they go to a lot of parties and they meet Mr. Wickham, who initially seems very charming, but turns out to be a gambling womanizer. But before everyone finds that out, Lizzie really likes him. Mr. Darcy convinces Mr. Bingley to leave town because he sees how close he is to Jane Bennet and he doesn’t want to be associated with that family anymore. It also looks like Mr. Darcy will probably have to marry Ms. Bingley anyway. Jane is so upset, her parents send her to the city to hang out with her aunt. Meanwhile, Mr.  Collins, a lame pastor who no one likes comes to town and Lizzie turns down his marriage proposal because he’s boring. Mr. Collins ends up marrying Lizzie’s best friend, which makes them fight because Lizzie thinks she’s settling. Elizabeth goes to visit Jane in the city and somehow they end up visiting Mr. Darcy’s house – because it’s enormous and awesome – and Elizabeth is so impressed she starts crushing on Darcy. Turns out Darcy has a little sister who once hooked up with Mr. Wickham and caused a huge scandal (but no one knows that yet). Darcy and Elizabeth start getting closer (he even proposes but she says no) until Lydia Bennet runs away with Mr. Wickham, who Darcy hates because of the thing with his sister. Darcy disappears while Lizzie goes back to her family. After a few days the Bennetts receive a letter that Darcy has found them and payed Wickham to marry Lydia so that everything is legit. Lydia comes back gloating about how she’s a happily married woman and everyone hates her for being so selfish. In the end, Elizabeth agrees to marry Darcy (after she tells of his crazy old aunt, who is also a snob) and Jane and Bingley get married.