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In the peace efforts made by the OIC to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there are obstacles and challenges faced. First, the OIC between there and none because it does not have a common agenda that binds each member. Among the OIC members are not awakened in solidarity, there are only personal interests.1 The absence of a supranational organization capable of forcing and binding the nation-state to submit to it makes the international system in the anarchistic state. That is, each country prefers to prioritize its national interests, rather than mutually agreed interests, both at the regional and international levels.2

Second, the political crisis that hit most of the Middle East countries that are all members of the OIC since the beginning of January 2011, further complicates Palestinian hope for full support for the realization of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state. It is because all the attention of most OIC members diverted to their respective countries. This is seriously the obstacle and challenge. This is happening due to citizens’ lack of satisfaction with the government. It could be due to poverty, unemployment and worsening economic conditions. These factors can be lead to new opposition figures who feel they can make a better situation. Finally, the figure will move the time for the rally to trigger the conflict. This has become a shift of attention from OIC member countries.3

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Third, United States action that will veto the efforts of the Palestinians. President Obama said that the Palestinian people are entitled to establish the state, but it must be done through dialogue with Israel. This is the way of United States to ensure that Palestinians people do not get freedom easily, it is also reinforced by the reason that United States is a close ally of Israel.4

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