In of Satan with Christianity showing images of the

In week one of
our lecture we learnt about mythologies. Myths may be based on factual origins
or fiction, they can be seen as stories based on tradition and servers a
purpose to explain the world and mankind’s experience. Greek myths were deemed
as classics by generations of Greek scholars. This is partly because of how
open to interpretation the myths were by dramatists and intellectuals. For
example, in The Gods of Homer’s epic, the characters were interpreted as
ancient forefathers who morphed into godlike beings, symbolic mysterious powers
of cosmos and allegories of moral concepts. Osprey’s Theseus and the Minotaur
has many hidden allegories of ancient religious concepts, such as some lore
from an ancient tradition that preceded those of the gods of Olympus and it
could also be a story regarding the uprising of the state of Athens against
Crete. The story of Adam and Eve could be classed as a myth and is involved in
the three Abrahamic religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Carl Jung’s
theory of archetypes can be applied to the story of Adam and Eve as all three
religions agree that Adam and Eve are the first people that God created and
then humanity. Most stories agree humanities problems started with the trickery
of Satan with Christianity showing images of the snake, which tempted Adam and
Eve from eating the forbidden fruit. In Islam the archetypes are different,
both beings were created from the same clay and were taught the same set of
morals however the fall of Adam and Eve was because of Satan exploiting the
freewill of the two beings and convinced them to eat fruits from the forbidden
tree. There are many theorists’ regarding classical myths and their
concepts.  Mircea Eliade’s theory of
regeneration can be seen in three categories. They are stories about beginning,
origins and creations. Their sole purpose is to function as a narration of
events in our own origins or beginnings. Myths often originate as a human
experience to showcase the connection to the exact concept of the myth
(whatever that may be) to begin life in a symbolic rebirth.  Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes which is
essentially an original set of primordial images that has been repeated pattern
of experiences due to our distant ancestors. It is a set of archetypes that is
common to all members of a group.