-In of man power it was very difficult to

-In late 1900’s man power was the main source of development
and growth of developing  and
industrialised countries. During some decades of period man was the easiest and
cheapest way for accomplishing any daily task and performing dangerous activity
for research and development. At the time of mainly use of man power it was
very difficult to sustain families without indulging their children in work and
certain odd jobs which leds to the arising of child labour. The developing
countries such as India, Pakistan, Afganistan and many more where most reported
countries for child labour. The person who is below the age of 14 to 15 comes
in the category pf child labour.

-In India child labour was realised to be very crucial and
dangerous for growing and developing child due to which government of India
announces child labour act during 1986. As per the child labour act was stated
that the employment of any child below the age of 14 is strictly prohibited for
domestic help as well as any labour work. In 2001 as per UNICEF report India
with the populated country had more percentage ratio as compared to other
countries. Before child labour act was implemented , Regulatory of factories
and industries already had the act during 1948 that the involvement of children
in the hazardous and dangerous work is considered to be “Adolescent”.

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– During the era of man power the children were allowed or
forced into to labour work because of family’s poor financial status and for
surviving and sustaining reasons. Some of the poor family pushes their children
in work for getting more earings to their family. Due to poor educational
background of family and for some earning cunningness they forced their
children into labour work blindly and make them forget to look after child
health and education instead of admitting there child in schools for better
education and making skilled person in own interest and also to make them and
adjust as a respectful person in the socity.

-After passing of the child labour act many NGO’s and various
non-profiting organisation were actively involved in helping children and seek
after the way of development of children in poor and uneducated families. They
try their best in helping children by donating various necessary things for
their education. Due to various acts and activites many negative aspectsfor
children such as risk for child, uneducation, labour work has been controlled
and changed positively for society. The crime rates which were high years ago
due to improper develpoment and education of children are also controlled and
taken them to think and go into right path which also makes them to be fit in
the society. Country’s Future is totally depend on the youth of country is very
important to make children future bright which helps  in creating better development and growth of