In neighbor Miss Dubose who does not like Adolf

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird there is racism throughout the whole book. Racism was a very common thing in the 1930’s back in the great depression era it was everywhere. In this story there is a negro named Tom Robinson and he is on trial for the rape of mayella ewell and his lawyer Atticus Finch who is white. Atticus Finch is a very smart and polite man and he is frowned upon for helping a negro.To Kill a Mockingbird is a very helpful story it can teach you how to be polite and it teaches you about racism. Tom Robinson is a negro who is on trial for the raping of Mayella Ewell and Atticus Finch is his lawyer who is white. Atticus is a very polite man and he is frowned upon because he is helping a negro in this court trial. His kids are scout who is a tom boy and there is jem who is very smart. Finch’s kids witness this trial firsthand at first they didn’t understand the whole court case but later on they started to understand. At the jail where Robinson was at Atticus gets surrounded by a crowd of people almost as a riot, they were at the jail because Finch was helping the negro Tom Robinson. Finch’s kids have to witness racism by there neighbor Miss Dubose who does not like Adolf Hitler who killed many innocent jews but in a way she is kind of like Adolf Hitler because she is very nasty and rude to negro’s and the kids have to see that firsthand. Later on Miss Dubose dies but the racism and hostility does not die down they still have Bob Ewell married to Mayella Ewell. During the court case Mayella says a lot of bad things about Tom Robinson racist things while Jem and Scout are watching later on in that court some of the people learned that Robinson had died and that he was shot seventeen times. Bob Ewell wanted all the negros dead and he basically said he won’t sleep until he killed them all. As time went by Bob Ewell had always wanted to get revenge on Atticus but he wanted to do it in the most terrible way by killing Finch’s kids but luckily Boo Radley had stuck in kitchen knife inside of Bob and Ewell was dead. And that sums up most of the story and how the book had shown racism.