In last classes in the school, as a rule,

In many states, the younger generation is interested in having more free time for self-expression. In particular, young people try to express themselves in work, or according to the principles of social tendencies – to travel, and all this is given a higher priority than the desire for external institutional formation. Many societies advise students to travel the world to the foundation of the institution. Others say that “full employment” is a waste of time and money.

The first thing that needs to be said is gap year is able to help young people to acquire more practical skills in life, to improve as a person through mastering a variety of crafts. Most people tend to realize themselves through self-expression as a volunteer. This way of doing business allows young people to expand their horizons, get acquainted and acquire their own circle of communication, which is more in line with the individual’s individual qualities, and form a circle of interests that more expresses a person as a person.

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Volunteers are constantly expressed as more complex facets of development, and they themselves represent an opportunity for the realization of youth in a sphere completely unknown to them.

Some scholars argue that these “developmental individuals” are fundamental to the promotion of meaningful relations between the global North and the South. ways that strengthen global relations on the basis of a deeper cultural understanding, informed both as an insider and as an outsider in the context of development

And it’s also a good opportunity to define your own interests and morally “rest” from the requirements of reality. The last classes in the school, as a rule, every time, press the exams on young people and in such conditions it is difficult to think about your own desires and goals for the future and you do not always know how correctly you choose your appointment. But in case you leave time for yourself, you can try yourself in various professions. For example, if you wanted to become a lawyer, then you can try yourself in the form of a secretary to an easy alternative. This way you can see the inside of your work.

One of the cases of the realization of youth in the program should be presented. 18-year-old Casey Santi, explores French, wanders and enjoys social work in Europe and Africa since the very moment of registration in June in the project “gap time.” She says that the tension during her senior direction in high school has plunged her into this, in order to shift the school time “to return to herself and return to the right approach.” According to her texts, the acquired skills during the program increased my interest and my inclination to study art. Living in the south of France, the town of TRIST, she expresses her feelings about the international experience: “wherever everyone understands absolutely everyone, without exception,” she says, “I have felt myself to be the most adult.”

An obstacle to this can be: psychology and money of guardians. In our time, almost all secondary schools afterwards are obliged to go to university. Here it is necessary to correctly explain your own point of view in order to get support from them. choosing a trip should be assessed from all sides, all routes, housing, to observe career and volunteer services, that is, to have an excellent task, so that the funds are not wasted.

Almost all students divide the year into a number of parts of work, travel or study. But not everyone can afford to wander or take part in unusual events. Some worked in combat or other state or international service programs. Some of them stay in the dwellings, work, receive part-time courses, internment and still find time to recite books for which they have never had time to fit into their schedules or to start learning “the great South American novel”. Others managed to realize more intimate ties with guardians or their parents, from whom they, quite likely, retreated into their school years.