In is ordering macbeth to do the murder but

In Act 2 scene 2 happened the tragic murder has happened, Macbeth has committed regicide by murdering their beloved King Duncan. Macbeth was a worthy, loyal hero at the beginning of the play but with the influence of his wife lady macbeth ambition she managed to temper with macbeth’s mind in order for his to commit such a dreadful deed.Lady Macbeth has a bigger part in the play because she started off at the begging of the play being all strong and giving order and she didn’t show any remorse for the murder of the King although she did show slight remorse. It ironic because she want the king to be dead but she can’t do it so she found an excuse so that she convinces her husband macbeth to go and commit the deed so he would become king.”Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t” here lady macbeth is being strong and remorse and she is ordering macbeth to do the murder but it doesn’t show that she has any physical power because she have not have the power to commit regicide herself. But straight after her husband murdered the king she went herself to return the daggers. Lady macbeth wants to dismiss all thoughts of goodness in her husband’s mind and now she going to wear the dark heart in order for her to carry on with her further plans, she contacts with the spirits seeking for help to change her heart and making her remorseless. This could also mean she doesn’t want to have the death of the innocent heart of Duncan in her conscience after he is been murdered by her husband.Lady Macbeth is trying to point out when Macbeth was in the battlefield he murdered hundreds of people and became thane.”Worthy thane”, she don’t understand why he couldn’t kill the king since he has murdered many soldiers in the war field and she implies that he is weak. As well as in the other parts of the play Lady Macbeth questions Macbeth’s honor, pride and bravery to make him a fool by humiliating him for not being brave enough to do the filthy deed this strategy she uses called reverse strategy this cause the other person who is picked on to prove that they are capable of doing the thing that they are claimed not to be able of doing it.At the end of the scene Lady Macbeth claims that she hears knocking ” i hear knocking” this is a sign that she is losing her mind and this links to her when she is found sleepwalking and talking in her sleep  further on the play.this show that Lady Macbeth has lost control over herself and her mind in in state of deterioration. Therefore she suffers from mental illness that can only be cured by self obligation meaning that she is the only one who can cure herself from the remorse that she put herself in.After committing regicide Macbeth is filled with the terrifying guilt and most of the time he is very paranoid he is fearful of the consequences he reached to a stage where he starts to hallucinate floating daggers in front of him because he was so mortified by the thing that he has done. This had a huge effect on his speech because he kept on saying short words to show that the is tormented by the murder “when” “hark!…”. This causes the tension of the scene to increase and it creates dramatic tension to show how on edge Macbeth is. Shakespeare used this device in this part of the scene to show how Macbeth’s state of mind is unsettled and this technique is called stichomythia. He uses it to reinforce how tormented macbeth is after committing regicide. Macbeth’s mind state is slowly deteriorating and this is shown throughout the play because as the time moves on Macbeth becomes more remorseless and his heart is hardening which causes his emotions to disappear. Shakespeare uses the repetition for the word “murder” to show how tormented Macbeth is for committing regicide to his beloved king and in the play he says it himself that “Glamis hath murdered sleep” which could mean macbeth murdered the king who was sleeping or that he has killed of any chance of sleeping again due to the guilt because he cannot rest from the deed that he had committed, Macbeth is facing problems in sleeping because his conscience does not allow him to sleep. This part of the play is very ambiguous and it has a double meaning which increases the dramatic tension in the play.Further on the play Macbeth repeats the word “murder” to show that he can’t escape the thought and guilt of him murdering King Duncan because he murdered a beloved king the people admired King Duncan so much because he was fair king and he was like a father to all of his subjects. This made it even difficult for Macbeth to handle the pressure. When macbeth shows any signs of guilt lady macbeth talks down to him like he is a child.”a foolish thought to say a sorry sight” she playing on his mind so he would listen to he and commit regicide. In conclusion, Macbeth is very overwhelmed by committing regicide and his conscience played a huge role in the play, his hesitation to kill the king shows him being a coward.  however Lady macbeth shows calm and her behaviour towards murder is very cold because she didn’t get mortified like Macbeth. Further on the play all of this changes,  Macbeth goes on a killing spree without showing any guilt and he became more familiar with murder and  on the other hand, Lady macbeth is driven mad by guilt and remorse of what she done and this had affected her mostly when she hears of the murder of Macduff and her children which made her become insane.