In I had eliminated any stock that I knew

In my Stock market experience of buying and selling multiple stocks, I had learned that more stocks has a better value. This determined the cost of the stock. High end stock companies such as Nike, Footlocker, Walmart, and mass corporations that make tons of money in sales are going to cost more than a much smaller corporation. The method I had used to determine a good and bad stock was process of elimination. I had eliminated any stock that I knew wouldn’t make me money and mark it off my list. Massive corporations I had invested in were Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, Ebay, FootLocker, General Motors, and Lockheed Martin. The places I see on a daily or I know make big money, I had invested in.As I progress in my stock markets. I notice that the companies I had invested in had gone down. At first i had no idea they go down when the company doesn’t sell a certain amount at the end of the day it goes down. I had learned that the stock market is a 50/50 chance of being successful. Here is a strategy to it of course. It’s all about how and when you spend it. Investing in a well known product before a major holiday is a very great idea only because the company will have tons of sales. I had investedin a few stocks that had brought me down because they hold such a high expectation and when they can’t meet it, it messes everyone else up.Retirement has ran through everyone’s mind sometime in their life. And with the stock market, retirement (if played right) can be right around the corner. Investing in certain stocks can totally turn your life around. Either good or bad. Other alternatives are working a low paying job not making enough, or waiting until your 40-50 years into a job, then hitting retirement and being old and not really being able to do anything with your life, because your brittle and don’t work like you used to.After playing ‘howthemarketworks’ i’ve learned some very valuable tips and tricks about investing, such as when to invest, how to invest, and what to invest in. It has shown me how to become a great investor. I got to learn first hand how the market actually works and what can happen if your not careful.