In he describes that the communication of information must

In the organization, the environment of their workplace
which has an attractive and can lead to a job satisfaction, Atakorah (2017).  Physical and mental well-being of workers can
be affected by several work environment elements.  By having a quality work spot and a good
workplace such as trusting relationship between the employees and top
management, a sensible work load with challenging yet achievable goals are the
fundamental to make sure the employees are on their various task and work effectively.
A composite of all these conditions makes the work station the best possible
working environment for employees to work with high level of satisfaction.

The efficiency of workers is decided
by the work environment in which condition they work. Work environment includes
all the perspectives, which act and respond on the body and intellect of a
representative. Beneath organizational brain research, the physical, mental and
social environment where workers are working together and there work to be
analyzed for way better adequacy and increment efficiency. Work has a financial
angle as well as mechanical angle and it has moreover mental angle, Kaur

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The concept of work environment is a
real comprehensive one counting the physical, mental and social perspectives
that stamp up the working environment. Work environment performs to have both
positive and negative impacts on the mental and joy of workers. The work
environment can be depicted as the environment in which individuals are
working. Be that as it may, all the viewpoints of work environment are
correspondingly critical or undoubtedly fitting when considered work
fulfillment and too influences the joy of employees, Kaur (2014).

Abdul Raziq (2015) stated that most of
the organization disregards the working environment within their workplace causing
in an unfavorable impact on the execution of their workers. He also observed
that working environment contains of security to representatives and work,
great relations with co-workers, acknowledgment for great execution,
inspiration for performing well and cooperation in the choice making handle of
the firm. He further explained that the level of commitment and sense of
ownership will increase once the teams know that the important of the firm
consider to their work. Working with a pleasant environment can enhance their interest
with their job that automatically inspire the growth of an business as well as
growth of an economic, Kaur (2014).

Thus, this study only focused on the
two components, which are top management support and coworker’s relationship
within the organization. Patterson (1998), argues that the interaction between
employees within a business is crucial for accomplishing the organizational
goals. Further he describes that the communication of information must be
properly done in a timely manner so that the operations of the business are
running smoothly. If there is a clash between co-workers then it is difficult
to achieve the objectives of organization.  

According to Abdul and Raheela (2014),
in organizations, it can be observed that most employees have problems with
their top management who is not giving them the respect they deserve. Top
management also show harsh behaviors to employee’s due to which they are not
comfortable to share good and innovative ideas with them.  Furthermore, he describes that top management
limits employees to their tasks rather than creating a sense of responsibility
in employees by making them work in teams to attain high performance.