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In this essay there will be assessment made regarding the statement made by Winston Churchill as well as referencing the Aristotle Politics and Rousseau, The Social Contract. which is used in guidance when answering the following question. The statement made by Winston Churchill is asking to evaluate how the Nation’s strength is lost when they want justice also the statement itself was made in the House of Commons which indicates its significance. Overall, this essay will look into, using contemporary examples as well as past, to conclude whether the statement validity.  Aristotle’s book  ‘Politics’ was written in 350 BCE and defined politics as a way to make the people in the community happy. Essentially the aim of the association was to form good in communities. He stresses that people can achieve good life through citzenship. Also Politics  has several connections that will help understand the statement more as the wellbeing and the active participation in politics can help create more unity as well as preventing a revolution occuring. He states that the people are “Political Animals” as humans had to be participating or have some political influence in order to be fully human.Jean-Jacques Rousseau was also a philosopher during the 18th century and was seen as contradictory as he lead a life which was against his virtues. The Social Contract  (1976) conveys that freedom is possible in society and that laws are binding as long as the people support it, he called it a Social Contract as this was a contract made by society as a whole to adhere to the rules and believes it has more importance than individual welfare. He was an influential figurehead of the people as his views were mainly in the benefit of the people rather than the nation. The context of the book was prior to the French revolution so the significance of this source is major to the statement made by Churchill  On one hand, to some extent the statement is valid when looking into historical events such as Stalin’s totalitarianism in USSR as at the time, they were beginning to become a riseing power in Europe, however this was at the cost of the wellbeing of the people, as many were living in poor conditions in the cities and farmers suffered even more so due to the Collectivization. Rousseau also shared views which was seen as totalitarian and would revoke freedom rather than give it. The statement given by Churchill is also evident when Stalin initiated the Red Terror in the 1930’s to create fear which proves that through fear, the USSR was seen as ‘strong’ which was at the expense of justice. Rousseau states “If we can be auspices of the social contract, then that contract is more important than the individuals that agree to it”. Essentially, Rousseau is indicating that the importance of the Social Contract is greater than the individual creating that sense of communist ideology as the contract itself is signed by society rather than each person themselves. In addition, this point made by Rousseau creates the belief  that the people only have value due to that social contract, which devaluates the persons freedom as they no active participation in politics.On the other hand, Unlike Rousseau, Aristotle believes that giving total supremacy to the government or the ruling body can lead to abuses of power and corruption. Aristotle belived in the power that a citzen can have in society as Greek citzens were actively responsible in comparison to contemporary society. There is a tighter bond between citzens and the state which is seen as fundamental to good life by Aristotle. Moreover, Aristotle believes that both interest of the people and state are equal and one cannot surpass the other. Like Rousseau, Aristotle shared the believe that the community was greater than the individual. in terms of the statement made by Churchill, it helps to understand that Aristotle communitarian view can lead to the idea that the nation can be strong as well as taking care of the citzens welfare. An contemporary example, is the UK, they’re seen as the one of the most strongest and most influential countries in the wold, and yet adapt a democratic system which enables citzens to vote for their favoured government.In book 3, Aristotle discusses how the law should be over the ruling body which shows that he acknowledged the fat that the governing body may abuse the power given. This overall, gave great influence in todays contemporary laws. In conclusion, one may agree to some extent that the statment is valid as it was proven by the past that nations used to pace above the economical and polticial desire of itself over the peoples welfare which has led to events such a the French Revolution and the Bolshevik revolution. Furthermore, one may argue that Aristotle, as much as as infuential his ideas are to mordern western values, its extremely outdated, likewise Rousseau’s, as Aristotle had different views on womens rights which would be outdated in todays society as well as his views on pros slavery for the use of capitalism, which would have made sense in the 19th century US, is deemed also outdated. However, slavery does still exist in modern society in essence, libya where slaves are being used for capital gain which goes back to the statement made by Churchill where the welfare of the people and justice is diverted. All in all, with the help of the sources provided,it has come to an evaluation that the justice isn’t always linked with the strength of the nation as a less fortunate nation can still be more unjust due to the laws set. 931