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In this essay I will talk about the principles of the red cross , where it stands for, their history and what there function is.The Red Cross is an international organization that helps people who are suffering and are in need for example as a result of war, floods, or any sort of diseases. Red Cross is also known as (ARC) is a national wide network of more than 650 chapters and 36 blood service regions.  The Red Cross has Approximately 500,000  volunteers, including fema Corps and AmeriCorps members, and 30,000 employees annually mobilize relief to people that are  affected by more than 67,000 disasters, they train almost 12 million people in necessary medical skills and they  exchange more than a million emergency messages for U.S. military service personnel and their family members. ARC is known as the largest supplier of blood and blood products. They provide blood to more than 3,000 hospitals and assists victims of international disasters and conflicts in the whole world. In 2006 the organization had send over $6 billion in total revenues. Revenue from blood and blood products alone was over the   $2 billion.The American Red Cross’ main functions fall into four areas: blood collection, disaster relief, aid to soldiers and victims of war, Furthermore group keeping instruction Also outreach.Many people know of the Red Cross through their  blood collection efforts. It collects and maintains about half of the United States blood supply from roughly 4 million donors . In 2001, this amounted to more than 7 million units of blood. Americans require about 39,000 units of blood every day because of the accidents, surgery, illness or disease that happen daily in America. The blood is used by all of the nation’s hospitals and by the United States military.Blood that has been collected by the Red Cross is carefully labelled and shipped to two different places: a component lab and a testing lab. Blood that need been gathered Toward those red cross will be precisely marked Also dispatched to two distinctive places: An part lab and a trying lab. Those testing lab puts those blood through nine tests on verify it may be protected Furthermore nothing starting with transmissible ailments. Those part lab separates those blood under red blood cells, platelets Furthermore plasma. When those test effects need aid received, the segments would dispatched with healing centers as stated by necessity.When the Red Cross arrives at the scene of a disaster their first priority is to provide food, water, shelter and medical services. Medical services include first aid as well as treatment for certain on-going  conditions. For example, someone who needs daily medicines or has diabetes and needs medication for it they can get help at the red cross who will provide them the medicine they need to stay in balance or healthy. The Red Cross also provides mental health counselling to disaster victims, volunteers and rescuers. Mental health assistance is also a cure that the Red Cross is related in it. It goes vital because any person that is related or involved in a disaster they have experienced a lot in their life which is far from their normal life. Therefor the Red Cross has trained personnel who are specified in communication and have experiences in their disaster counselling. By having those types of groups in your education makes people more secure about it knowing that they will be in good hands. Red Cross services they  also work to help people resume their lives in the wake of a disaster, giving them the tools to pick  themselves up . This can include referrals, transportation or occupational tools or anything that the person needs to pick his or her life up again. Finally in situations where insurance and government help are not enough, the Red Cross can offer long-term help for rebuilding. All of these services are in addition to the logistics of housing, feeding and coordinating rescuers, medical personnel and victims. Whenever there is a world disaster for example a tsunami the Red Cross team is there to help the victims with any help that is needed to provide them a better health.the American Red Cross is  Founded in 1881 the country’s leading emergency they are always there to help people who are in need with health problems. There for they have a lot of volunteering’s because people’s need is everything for them